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Can you get a flat stomach by starving yourself?

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Starving yourself is called anorexia. Anorexia can lead to serious medical problems including but not limited to death. If you need to lose weight try eating balanced meals and exercising. Yes, eventually, but that not the most effective way at all because you are more likely to store fat in your belly if you are hungry all the time. This is because your belly is the place the body stores readily available fat, and if you are hungry all the time your body wants to put it somewhere easily accessible.

The best way to get a flat tummy is to tighten your ab muscles with exercise and eat a diet low in sugar, alcohol, and excess carbohydrates. The reason why is because if you eat too many carbs at once they turn into triglycerides in your blood almost immediately, which are then stored as fat once the body decides it can store them. And of course, the body's first choice will be your tummy. If you are already overweight and have a flabby tummy then losing weight by reducing how much you eat (not starvingthough!) will help your stomach lose fat. Be careful though since this can lower your metabolism and make you more likely to gain weight back. Also make sure you get enough protein or else your body will just break down your muscle instead.

2008-01-07 23:48:06
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Your weight is 203lbs how much weight would you lose in 10 days if you starved yourself?

NEVER CONSIDER STARVING YOURSELF! Consider eating cabbage.I eat cabbage as a snack because I find it delicious!! and i have a flat stomach and abbs.

While your starving yourself when does the swelling in the stomach go away?

Do not starve yourself. I can not believe someone would be so stupid to post this question. leave your personal buisness to yourself, and go to the doctor immediately.

When you are starving yourself what do you eat when you get hungry?

Nothing, because you are starving yourself, if you're starving yourself your gonna get hungry. Starving yourself doesn't work because you need energy from food if you starving yourself your body works way slower burning much less fat and its very unheathy Woman lose babys over that DONT starve your self

How can you hide starving yourself?

Subtlety is key. The best way to prevent people from thinking you are starving yourself is to NOT STARVE YOURSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Can you get a flat stomach in 12 days?

No you can not get a flat stomach in 12 days. Getting a flat stomach requires lots of exercise and hard work.

Does starving yourself affect fertility?

Starving yourself can stop your menstrual and ovulation cycle and therefore you would not be able to get pregnant.

Can you become bulimic from starving yourself?

Starving yourself could trigger a binge. After binging some people want to throw up. So, starving COULD be a ticket to Bulimia

What is unhealthy slimming?

starving yourself

What is a flat stomach?

You can do small changes that can slim your midsection. Get a flat stomach without diet or exercise. Some easy fixes can reduce bloating and set you up for healthier habits both now and in the long term without resorting to crazy or dangerous dieting techniques. More Information Here: vidasaludablebella .com/get-a-flat-stomach-without-diet-or-exercise/

Does starving yourself burn fat?


Can starving yourself cause you to gain weight after you stop starving yourself?

Yes! Your brain sees the starving as an emergency. So, to "save your life", the brain commands your body to eat as much as possible. Then you gain weight.

What type of exercise to make your stomach flat?

Crunches, running, and swimming help to make your stomach flat.

How can a 15 year old boy get a flat stomach?

Exercise, especially stomach exercises, together with eating a healthy diet is a way to get a flat stomach.

If you become infertile from starving yourself can you reverse it?

Not usually, no.

How do you stop yourself from starving?

Ummm. . . eat? Maybe?

How much weight can you lose by starving for two months?

I don't know your situation, but I do know - and I'm pretty sure you know, that starving yourself is not the best way to lose weight. You need to do some exercise every day, drink heaps of water, and eat healthy food. There are a multitude of good diets out there you can try without resorting to starving yourself. Starving will leave you weak, dehydrated, and maybe even make your stomach lining get eaten away in the process. Don't do it! In two months, you would be dead.

Is it possible to get a flat stomach in one week by exercising?

That depends on how flat your stomach already is. If it is really flabby its going to take a lot more than a week to get a really flat stomach. If your tummy is already reasonably flat, then it might be possible to get it flat in a week. However, you are going to have to be doing a lot of working out.

Why isn't starving good?

Starving is not good for your body, it deprives yourself of the energy and nutrients you need to remain healthy and well.

Does starving yourself stop you period?

Yes, which is your body's way of telling you how unhealthy you are making yourself.

What are the problems of starving yourself?

Death & you get hungry your teeth fall out

What could be wrong with your stomach if it has spasms and nerve feelings?

You're either starving yourself or it is a good possibility that you could have a stomach ulcer in the lining of your stomach. A stomach ulcer is basically a whole or tear in your stomach lining that occurs whenever stomach acid erodes your intestines. If you have been feeling nauseous, vomiting, you haven't been able to eat very big meals, or your stomach is hurting you, I would recommend seeking medical help immediately.

How do you get a flat stomach and thin hips?

By running and getting more exercise. This is probably the quickest way. I tried it and I have a super flat stomach.

What is the fastest way for a 11 year old girl to have a flat stomach?

At 11 , I was playing with barbies , not worrying about a 'flat stomach':p

What are steps for you to having a flat stomach?

to have a flat stomach you have to eat lots and lots of fibers, and you have to excercise your stoumach mucles, you can do that with sit ups

Can almond oil flat stomach?

Almond oil is good for erasing scars on your body and scars from childbirth. It will not help you have a flat stomach.