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Yes you can. Even of you don't ejaculate you can since pre-ejaculation has sperms as well.

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Q: Can you get a girl pregnant if you don't use a condom and its only in there for 5 seconds and what are the chances?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant in these circumstances Your on birth control but havent started your new pack yet and you had sex and the condom fell off inside of you but you dont know when?


How do you knowif your pregnant?

you vomit and get tired and the best is to take a test. use a condom if you dont want to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you push sperm from a condom in a virgina?

yes it is possible but probably not very likely,,the chances of getting pregnant by actual intercouse and ejaculation into the vagina can vary depending on many factors anyway. so yes ,,but i dont think it is likely

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you're ovulating?

alot dont do it!

What does it mean when you dont get your period but you are having safe sex?

Did the condom break or leak? If so, you could be pregnant!

What are the chances of being pregnant after missing 4 pills in the first week and having unprotected sex?

High. Take your pills D: Or, Cutty Cutty time! . . If you dont want 1 that is Make him wear a condom and take your pills.

Is there a good chance of being pregnant if you dont use a condom and its your first time?

There is a chance that you could get pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

You're wondering if you could be pregnant?

Well if you have been using condoms, theres nothing to worry about, now if he didnt pull out but was wearing a condom and the condom didnt break than i dont see any reason why you should become pregnant.

How old does the sperm have to be to not be able to get a girl pregnant from a condom?

sperm doesnt expire it just helps if you use a condom so that when you decide to have sex you dont have the sperm inside you trying to fertilize your eggs .

I am married and i dont want be pregnant now what shall i do?

well obviously just use a condom and do it all the time as much as you like

If you are on birth control and dont use a condom can you get pregnant?

If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.

How do you make your women pregnant or which product should you use?

Universally, to make a woman pregnant requires you to have sex with her. Do not pull out at the end, and dont use a condom or oral prophylactic like "the pill".

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