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Yes, semen is what gets a girl pregnant.


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Prego, ragazza! in Italian means "I beg you, girl!" or "Please, girl!" in English.

If there is no semen there is no pregnancy

YES , you can fall prego eazy , bleeding the next day may have saved you , once a girl has blood 95% chance not prego YES , you can fall prego eazy , bleeding the next day may have saved you , once a girl has blood 95% chance not prego

The girl will get prego if there's no condum

Girls don't have semen. Only males carry semen and sperm.

No, semen does not, from the fact that the female would hold the eggs, which is the only reason why she is a "girl".

Nope, only LIVE semen can get a girl pregnant. Dry semen isn't LIVE semen.

If the semen was on your buttocks then you can't get pregnant. If the semen was VERY near your vagina then there is a slight chance you could get pregnant.

None, as long as there was no contact with the interior of the vagina by anything that came into contact with the semen.

it only takes one seamon to get your ego prego

Campbell Soup owns Prego

No. Semen must enter the vagina before pregnancy can occur.

No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

No, there is no connection to her uterus.

Absolutely not ! Impossible !

No, semen is just the transporter fluid, it's the sperm that gets you pregnant.

No it can not. Women can not produce semen which is needed for pregnancy.

If you have semen you can get a girl pregnant.

Prego sauce is made in the United States. Prego sauce is made by Campbell's which is located in New Jersey.

It is not likely that the girl will get pregnant if the guy washed his hands before he fingered the girl. IF you clean all the semen off, then you will probably be okay.

No.... when your release semen the thrust is very strong and the semen has to get past the inner vaginal wall for it to "swim" to the egg. A bottle will just squirt a little bit in and may even cause the girl pain in the vaginal area. ======== If she is at or near ovulation, yes there is a good chance she will become pregnant if your bottle contains fresh warm semen and some comes out.

Yes semen contains sperm and sperm combined with a fertile ova causes pregnancy.

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