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There are several opinions about this question. In my humble opinion the answer is yes. I got an Associates Degree in 1983 and it has provided me with a very comfortable living. As in most professions, experience is what matters. It is my opinion that since technology changes so fast that by the time you finish a 4 year degree the stuff you learned in the first year is out dated. While basic system design and programming methods change more slowly, the speed that systems and languages are developing is quite rapid. Here's the way I see it. Let's say you get a 2yr degree and the go out and find a position using that degree. Two years later you apply for a job where the other applicant has a 4 year degree but no experience. 9 times out of 10, your production environment experience will be valued higher than an additional 2 years of college. Thus at the end of the 4 years that you would be going to school, your Associates degree plus 2 years experience will put you at a higher starting salary than if you just had a 4 year degree with no experience.

Recent data supports this answer. Especially in the healthcare field which offers a wide range of well paying careers that can be entered with an AA (associates degree). Even more important may be that healthcare jobs are in demand now and well into the future. Nursing, technicians, administration and assisting positions primarily make up the list of careers that can be obtained with an associates meaning it can be completed in two years or less and should cost less then more advanced forms of education.

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Q: Can you get a good paying job with an associates degree in computer science?
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What is the highest paying job you can get with an bachelor of science degree?

computer science and or chemical engineering.

What is the highest paying degree?

The highest paying degrees are in the field of computer science and engineering. Other high paying degrees are in aerospace, chemical and electrical.

What is the highest paying jobs can you get with a bachelor degree?

Computer Science Bro $100,000 + per year

What is ones advantages with an associates online degree?

"An associates degree online provides more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting degree, and the degree allows more opportunities for higher-paying jobs."

Are there any fun high paying jobs that require an associates degree?

Being a prostitute

What type of degree do you need to apply for computer it jobs?

To get an IT job you will need to get a Computer Science degree. You can get a minor in specialized fields of IT. Security and Database are some of the highest paying. The average to start is around $50,000 for a generic IT position.

What are the highest paying careers w a BA degree?

# Computer Science - System Admin, Web Programmer, Sofware Developer # Accounting # Criminal Justice

If you have a bachelors degree in science can you get a masters in nutrition?

Once you have a bachelor degree, you can get a masters degree in whatever you wish. The masters degree will help you get better paying jobs.

What are the best paying jobs that require a science degree?

A large number of jobs require a post-secondary science degree. Engineering (chemical, mechanical, petrochemical, electrical, nuclear, biomedical, and environmental) jobs all require a science degree, and pay handsomely.

What are some high paying office type jobs If I get a bachelor's or master's degree what would be some office setting jobs Ex cubicles offices computers Also what should I major in?

There are a variety of high paying programming jobs that are high paying. You can major in computer science or related fields.

Can you get a good paying job with an associates in business?

associates no longer cut it anymore. Skip the associates and go to the bachelors. At best, you will get an "ok" job with the associates.

What is a high paying job that only requires 4 years of college?

Becoming a Registered Nurse. Those with the four year degree earn lots more than those with the 2 year Associates degree.

Should you get an associate degree for accounting or go for a certificate to become an account clerk?

A certificate is only 1 year of learning. Go for the Associates, you will get a higher paying job.

Can I get my associates degree online?

Online associate degrees are available at a number of online schools. Many are not accredited so it is important to do your research before enrolling or paying any money.

What are the highest paying jobs in forensic science?

what is the highest paying job in forensic science ?

What is a good paying career?

It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for a job of computer science or like job that has to do with arts or what it depends on what you want.

How much schooling is required to become certified to get a surgical tech job?

You will need a high school diploma and an associates degree to qualify for these jobs. There are well paying jobs and carry a lot of responsibility.

What kind of jobs can you get with an associate's degree in criminal justice?

There are many positions one can get with an associates degree in Criminal Justice, provided they have the skill and the drive. I work in the New York Distric Attorney's Office and can tell you that many of our employees went no higher than getting their associates degree due to financial constraints or other limiting factors. Yet, because of their dedication to their city and their job they are nonetheless extremely useful, productive individuals. They range from city clerks to assistant trial lawyers, and everything in between. And while a dedicated individual with a bachelors degree or higher will most likely beat out a dedicated individual with an associates degree (this goes for most fields), that is a far cry from saying that an associates degree is not nearly enough to get, and hold, a well-paying, title-bearing job that you and your family can be proud of.

Where can you find a good paying computer job with an Associate in Business degree?

Try posting your resume online and with companies that you are interested in working for.

What types of jobs are there in the computer and information sciences field?

With a degree in computer information sciences you can get many high paying jobs. These include data administrators and systems analysists and specialists.

How much money can you earn with an associate's degree in management?

An associate's degree in management may only result in a middle entry position paying $28,000 to $35,000. For a 2008 median wage list of 25 top pays with associates degrees visit the Related Link.

What is the lowest paying jobs with a bachelor's degree?

No job is the lowest paying job. Just having a degree is not a job guarantee.

How to Decide if a Computer Engineering Degree is Right for You?

Computer engineering degrees are a great college program to take if you are looking for a career track that is high-tech, leads to well-paying jobs, and challenging. Computer engineering is a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. Electrical engineering focuses on the hardware side of things, like how to design and build computers. Computer science is more about software – how to program computers. Either of them, separately, would be a good high-tech field to go in to. When you take them together, as a computer engineering course, they give you the skills necessary to lead computer design teams, as project leaders have to be able to understand how the hardware works with the software, and vice-versa. Getting a computer engineering degree may be a little harder than some other types of degrees. In 2004, there were 170 accredited computer engineering programs in the United States. This is a field that is in very high demand, and so has expanded some since then. If you are looking for a computer engineering degree, you will want to check with your local college or university of choice to find out if they offer that degree. Like many degrees, it can be obtained from many different colleges, but some are considered to be better or more reputable than others. You may want to check out a list of the best colleges for computer engineering, like the one at Opinions vary on how important it is to go to a major university, but it is at least something to consider. In general though, it is better to go to a school that is primarily technical. CNBC says that computer engineering is the 5th best paying degree in 2010 ( With an average starting salary of around $60,000, computer engineering has consistently been ranked as one of the top paying degree programs. Computer engineers are in high demand because of the fast-paced growth of the technology industry, and the difficulty of the degree. If you like math and science, and are good with computers, then computer engineering may be a great degree, but it is difficult, and is definitely not for everyone.

What majors should I heavily consider if I'm trying to cross over to civilian side and land a high paying NDT job?

I am a non-destructive inspector in the Air force. I want to achieve an associates and then a bachelor's degree.

What is the highest paying job you can get with an associate's degree?

This question cannot be answered. There are many different types of associate's degrees, and many different majors for each type. According to, the 10 highest paying jobs with an associate's degree in 2005 include radiation therapists, nuclear technicians, dental hygienists, fashion designers, registered nurses, commercial pilots, and computer specialists. HOWEVER, all of those professions require an Associate's of Applied Science (AAS) degree. You can't get an Associate's Degree in General Studies and become a radiation therapist, for example. You will need an AAS in Radiation Technology.

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