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Can you get a home loan after recently being discharged from a chapter 7?

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Sure can....It's even easier than getting one before a Chapter 7. Their called Day 1 after Bankruptcy loans. Surpisingly, your credit scores are pretty decent after the discharge. The creditors also know that you can't file again for several years, so they don't have to worry about you running back to the courts for help. The interest rates run about 6%...again, better than you would have gotten prior to the Chapter 7...

2006-09-07 03:02:34
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Q: Can you get a home loan after recently being discharged from a chapter 7?
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Can you get a home loan if you have recently filed a chapter 7?

Not if the bankruptcy is pending. Once it has been discharged (preferably closed) then it is possible to apply for credit. Whether or not the applicant is extended credit of any sort is the decision of the lending institution.

If a chapter 7 bankruptcy has not been discharged is it a law stating a lender cannot offer you a home mortgage or would they just be crazy to do so?

Ch7 Bk must be discharged prior to acquiring a mortgage.

If your wife is in a Chapter 13 plan and is the borrower on the mortgage can the husband apply for a refinance loan to pay off the first mortgage?

Yes! The only thing is the chapter 13 will have to be discharged at closing. Depending on how long she has been in the bankruptcy, this may not be a big hassle. It is impossible to refinance a home in a chapter 13 without the BK being discharged. For more information, please feel free to email me at I work for one of the largest direct private mortgage lenders in the country, i'd be glad to help answer any other questions.

Is foreclosure done quicker if home has been discharged in bankruptcy?

A home is not discharged in bankruptcy. The mortgage(s) and home equity loans, lines of credit, etc., are discharged, but you have to abandon the real estate in the bankruptcy. That means the mortgagee can go ahead with a foreclosure if there was none before the filing, once the Chapter 7 is closed. Chances are the mortgagee would ask for relief from stay to go ahead with the foreclosure. The trustee may get any excess from the sale, unless it was exempted.

after a chapter 7 is discharged can you file a new chapter 7, if you had filed a 7 but is not discharge, could you file a 13 to save your home. I am not sure when i filed chapter 7 and i am having trobule with employment due to econemy, been through 2 dif?

Yes, Chapter 13s are filed to try to help individuals from losing their houses.

If your chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged six weeks ago what are your options for a refinance?

You can quite possibly refinance up to 80 percent of the value of your home and get some cashout with a decent rate.

Are there any penalties or fines for selling your home after bankruptcy?

Not after the bankruptcy has been discharged. If the person is participating in a chapter 13 bankruptcy they must have the permission of the trustee/court to engage in any major financial transactions.

How are patients informed of recovery procedure on being discharged from a hospital?

They will receive written instructions from their physician on restrictions and recommendations for their post-operative recovery at home.

Can you include your home in a bankruptcy after the bankruptcy has already been discharged?


Can a creditor ask for purchased product as collateral in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes. I foreclosed on a home and bought another one cash before being discharged from bankruptcy. I was told by the attorney that creditors can ask the courts and the court will confiscate your purchased product and sell for whatever amount and that amount will be given to the creditor(s).

Which bankruptcy is for a home?

You can file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as a homeowner. If you are trying to save the home from foreclosure, then Chapter 13 would be the proper chapter.

When was malala discharged from the hospital?

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If you are a landholder on a home and the person files bankruptcy will they be able to include the debt they owe you into the bankruptcy?

They can include it, but the creditor/landholder can file a relief of stay to have the debt excluded from being discharged in the bankruptcy. The decision of what debts are to be discharged are determined by state and/or federal law and the bankruptcy judge.

If a parent wants to sell you their home cheap but you are going to a Chapter 7 hearing soon can you buy the house or how long do you have to wait?

You must wait until your Chapter 7 is discharged before entering into any financial obligation such as a loan, land contract or purchase agreement. This also includes the purchase of vehicles and merchandise.

What if a patient think he is be discharged too soon?

He feels very excited about it. He think about his home and all the members of the home. One of the important thing that a patient thinks when he discharged is to eat something tasty and delicious but then his wife said, You can't eat that unless you get well. This is most irritating moment of patient's life after discharged.

Can a debtor in a chapter 13 rent their home?

Unless specifically stated in the chapter 13 agreement, you can rent your home.

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home?

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home

What is a Chapter 20?

As an unknown individual at the Doney & Associates law firm surmised, "there is no real Chapter 20, but we bankruptcy attorneys amuse ourselves by proving that we can add." A Chapter 20 is when you file a Chapter 13 right after a Chapter 7. One reason some people do this is because you cannot stop a home foreclosure with a Chapter 7, but you cannot file a Chapter 13 if your unsecured debt exceeds a certain dollar amount. So, if someone's home is being foreclosed but their unsecured debt amount exceeds the limit for a Chapter 13, those persons may file a Chapter 7 and wipe out the unsecured debt, then file a Chapter 13 and stop the home foreclosure. Some Courts frown on Chapter 20's since they see it as an unfair manipulation of the bankruptcy code.

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If you have a chapter 7 discharged and then something happens with your home can you open a chapter 13 to save your house then you change your mind and the chapter 13 is dismissed what does thi?

What happens if you have paid all fees for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and your trustee tells you to turn over your income tax check and you don't because you are laid off and you are using the income tax check to pay bills and medical expenses and the trustee has threaten to revoke your bankruptcy due to non payment of your income tax check

What happens to home property in a chapter 13?

An individuals debts are not discharged under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but rather, the individual may lower his debt payments to affordable levels. With regard to houses, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option to avoid foreclosure, make up for missed mortgage payments and stop back taxes on your house. So the simple answer to your question is that home property is not necessarily lost to the bank or creditors under Chapter 13 bankruptcy as long as the individual maintains the terms of their repayment plan, something easier said than done for many.

If you sell your home after foreclosure proceedings have started and you have a discharged bankruptcy on the home will you receive the proceeds?

I'm guessing what your saying: You went BK and reaffirmed the mortgage. The BK with the reaffirmation was discharged and you kept the home. Your now behind again and being foreclosed. Of course you can still sell the house - you still own it and your not now under any BK court restraint. To effect the sale, you have to pay off the mortgage (and any other liens) against the house in the closing.

If you discharge the debt of your home with a chapter 7 bankruptcy can they take your home if you are paying the monthly loan payments?

The debt is secured by the property. The debt won't be discharged without the property being used to pay off as much of that debt as possible (called a secured claim..getting the first right to the money from that asset - any excess (that is extra debt) becomes an unsecured claim pais by the sale/seizure/sue of the unsecured assets)....NO IN BK YOU DON'T GET TO JUST DISCHARGE DEBTS AND KEEP ASSETS. BK involves all of your debts and all of your asssets...(not selected ones)...they are given priorities under the law and by the is used to pay the other...excess debt of some types may be discharged and in essence "forgiven". And I'm confused, if you think the debt on your home was discharged - so their is no loan...what payments would you have to default on?

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