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A person may be able to receive a loan for $12,000 with a credit score of 661. The loan officer will need to underwrite the loan, and other aspects will be taken into account, such as the debt to income ratio.

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What does a 667 credit score mean?

I dont know what exactly 667 is but a credit score is rated on how good your credit/debit card use is, EG: your credit score is Good

How do you get from a 350 credit score to 700 in a year?

You dont.

Is there a credit counseling program that won't ruin your credit score?

Their are several credit improvement programs available online for free. You dont have to report credit counseling services so it shouln't affect your credit score.

How can you make your credit score better?

save money dont do overdraft

Is it possible to refinance an existing home equity loan into a home equity line of credit?


You dont have a credit score yet but you have credit cards how long before you get a credit score?

For raising your credit score over and above the minimum levels, you need to learn some essential tips:Gain some basic knowledge about the credit scores.Pay bills on time.Be an active user.Avoid over scratching.Keep low balance:Discipline with payments and regular transactions are indeed a key to better credit score.

What Credit cards will approve credit for credit score 544?

I dont think there is.. because in order for you to get a high credit score you have to pay on time or in full payment then to increase your credit limit you have to purchase more but you have to pay it in full. so better purchase on things that you are able to pay it in full. that will make your credit score increase. first premier will and if you pay each month on time in 6 months time youll see your score increase rapidly so it does help.

Why on capain on your hud credit score is not there in halo reach?

maybe ps dont go on internet well drunk

Why is good credit important?

If your credit report shows you dont pay on time noone will loan you money to buy a house or car or extend credit to you . A normal credit score in the US is normally between 300-900. A good credit score is considered to be around 800. On the other hand a bad scores is around 300 with the average credit score of an American being approximately 720. If you have a bad credit score, then you will need take action to rectify this before you decide to apply for more credit. Every application that gets rejected will be highlighted on your credit report and potential, future lenders will be able to see this.

What are some quick ways to establish good credit?

Get a credit card, small loan, car loan... You need to get something that reports to the credit beauros. They will decide when you pay or dont pay to give you a score.

You dont have a credit card can you still get your credit score?

If you have never bought anything on credit, you do not have a credit score.

Will paying off your credit cards raise your credit score?

things that raise your credit score are , having major cards open more than 3 years, and showing good standing with that creditor. you dont have to use a credit card to show good standing. yes paying off high dept will raise your score. and having too much on your cards even if you pay on time will lower it.

What is the fastest way to increase an individual's credit score?

1. If you dont have credit, get 2 credit cards. 2. Make SMALL purchases on your credit card. 3. Pay off your credit COMPLETELY each month. 4. Wait 12-24 months. 5. If you have a credit card, but have a high balance, pay it down as much as possible. your credit score can jump 50-100 points if you payoff your credit cards. 6. If you are applying for a mortgage and have bad credit, many times the large national lenders such as Wells Fargo or Chase can better help you raise your creddit score. They can tell you that you need to payoff this, this , and this to get your credit score to jump 50 points. Good luck! Henry

How can you check your credit score without paying for a service you dont need?

In Canada, as I am, to find out your credit score without paying for services you do not need you simply write to a company called Equifax. Provide a letter requsting your credit score along with photocopied government identification, updated contact telephone number and recent address. Within 4 to 6 weeks they will reply with a letter sent to you with your results.

Is 802 a good credit score?

It's very near perfect. 802 out of 850. Sometimes, the number is lower due to applications for things (insurance, credit cards, whatever someone may run your credit for). I have pristine credit and dont know that I have ever seen a 850 score. 802 is something to hold your head high about, it means you are like 1% likely to default.

What is some credit score advice?

Here are some tips to fast fix your credit scores, if you dont have a credit card, get one. Get an installment loan, lower your credit cards and use your cards lightly

What are the three c's of a credit card?

Its theftYou cant have it if you dont have a credit cardWe dont know you!

You dont get your cst score?

You get your CST score by mail, early September.

If you dont have credit history how are you going to get a credit card to establish credit?


Is the repurchase of stock reported on the equity statement?

no, i dont think so

I just got a new credit card. I dont have any credit cards other then this one. If I cancel this credit card that is new with zero balance will it affect my credit score?

Everything you do related to credit cards will affect your credit. My advice would be to leave the credit card account open and here's why; While just cancelling your credit card (with no balance) shouldn't hurt your credit, here are a couple things to think about; 1) your credit history makes up 15% of your credit score. No history means no points. 2) your payment history is makes up 35% of your credit score. I know you said you don't have a balance, but an occasional purchase and on-time payment will help your credit. The only thing that could hurt you if have too much available credit. If the card has a $50,000 limit, this could work against your. But I doubt it, seeing this is your first card.

How do you make your score in UNO boost on facebook?

u dont make a score, u play the game an get a score

What is a good home equity loan rate?

I dont know, whatever you want

Why is my credit score dropping drastically when I'm making payments that are more than minimum on time?

You've made a big mistake like I did 3 years ago. I've paid all my bills ''on time'' and ''in full'' for 18 months. But my credit score drops more than 50 points. WHY?? After I studied for 3 years on credit. Let me tell you some tips...... 1. pay your bill on time ( cause one late payment could drop your credit score 30-50 points 2. you need to keep your balance under 30% of your credit limit.( trust me, that was the mistake I made ) and your credit score will definitely drop if your balance higher than 50% of your credit limit. So you do not want your credit card show ''maxing out'' on your credit report. And if you want to increase your credit score faster, its better to keep your balance between 10%-20% but you have to keep eye on all your revolving accounts ( car loans & mortgages are a little different ) 3. Dont apply for too much new accounts with a short time 4. If you have a credit acct with good history but you dont use it anymore. just make sure DO NOT close that acct. 5. Dont ask your creditor to lower your credit limits. 6. pay down your debt asap. Anyway, I hope those info will help you out. but remember...sometime we just cant beat the credit system. For example, one time my America Express balance increase from $0 - $116 and my credit limit is $8200. but guess what? my score drop 2 points. I know its not much. but how can you explain that? I have no any late payment. all my accounts balance are below 30% and plus balance $116 is only 0.02% of my credit limit. but basic follow my info, your credit score will definitely increase. It takes time....Good luck my friend!

What is a credit system of the Philippines?

There is no credit system in the Philippines, They dont even know what is a credit system