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* Yes, but only with legit firms like Heir Advance Co., who's been around for 20 years, you can get a loan or "assignment" on your inheritance, whether it be in trust or probate. Make sure that the trust or probate loan provider you deal with has years of proven niche Inheritance lending experience. * This is a precarious situation you must be in to need the money that quickly. The answer to your question is "yes", but, like anything else it comes at a price. Unless the inheritance is huge, it probably won't be worth your time. People would love to take advantage of you at this great time of need. == == * Some financial organizations handle advanced cash transactions when they qualify as structured settlements. An inheritance is not considered as such, the reason being any person named as a beneficiary in a will is not guaranteed they will receive the assigned assets or even a portion thereof. Beneficiaries of wills do not receive monies or property until all assets are accounted for and all debts are paid from the estate via state probate procedure. There is also no assurance that a will may be contested, thereby tying any inheritance up in court for years and the outcome being all monies and property were consumed by legal fees.

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Q: Can you get a loan on an inheritance that has gone into a trust that is in my name?
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