Can you get a no contact order for letters containing death threats?

Yes as well as you can have charges pressed if you know who is sending them. To be sure of your rights contact your local police department and just talk to them about what is going on and they would be happy to help. Good Luck and be safe ---- To add to the above comment - yes; you'll have to go to the injunction department of your local courthouse. You will fill out a form depending upon the type of situation, and bring copies of all letters to submit to the judge. If the judge rules in your favor, the other party will be served with a copy, and you will both be ordered to appear in court approximately two weeks later, to explain your situation and request one for a longer period of time. The defendant has the option to allow a "permanent" or to contest this, at which point, another temporary would be put in place, and you would both be ordered back to court with any additional "evidence" you wish to provide, which may require you to subpoena witnesses in your defense. As for pressing charges - you would file a police report, to be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office. It's ultimately up to their office whether or not they feel you have a strong enough case to take to court. Hope that helps explain a little more! (I'm currently going through this process...).