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Can you get a part time job at the post office or UPS?

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Yes, because they do hire part time help. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-23 01:57:08
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What time does ups open?


Fex ex or ups to post office box?

Both FedEx an UPS is a good post office. I like going through FedEx when shipping something big.

How do you ship wine from ca to ca?

The post office, FedEx, or UPS.

How can you post parcels at the post office if you are agorophobic?

UPS and USPS will pick the parcel up at your home. You will, however, need proper postage. This can be obtained at your local post office.

How do you send a package to Guadalajara from Los Angeles?

Try the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx office near you.

How can I order something online and have it shipped to the post office to pick it up?

Most companies will not ship to post office boxes. You can buy a box at a UPS store and have mail delivered there. You can have mail held at your post office if you have a problem with mail deliveries.

Can you send liquor by other carriers?

Yes, by the post office, UPS, and FedEx as long as it's intrastate.

Can your wife mail your prescriptions to you?

Sure. The post office doesn't ask what's in the box. If they do, she can always send them by UPS.

Hours between Vancouver and New York?

Who gives just ask your local post office station and if you 've placed an order just track it down with your company. For example, DSL, and or UPS Who gives just ask your local post office station and if you 've placed an order just track it down with your company. For example, DSL, and or UPS Who gives just ask your local post office station and if you 've placed an order just track it down with your company. For example, DSL, and or UPS

Who is cheaper ups or US postal?

It depends on what you are shipping and how much of it (as in weight). You'd have to make a decision based on your shipping habits. For most services the post office is cheaper. UPS does not offer anything comparable to first class mail. The post office priority mail (2-3 day service) offers fixed rates without weight limits or zones. Next day air prices (express mail) are comparable to UPS. The post office charges a small fee for tracking / delivery confirmation whereas with UPS it is free. The post office has free packaging for 4 sizes of priority mail. The post offices delivers to pretty much every address in the United States and has Saturday dropoff and delivery at no extra charge. UPS does not have anything comparable to media mail. They don't have any way for you to ship (for example) 10 pounds of textbooks across the country for only about 4 dollars. The post office is not a good place to ship large weights and very large packages. UPS is better equipped for that.

Where can I find a job in a post office?

You can apply directly to the Post Office (if you are in the UK) at You may also wish to consider other delivery/courier services such as UPS, FedEx and Parcelforce.

What time does UPS arrive at Bushwick Brooklyn?

It depends on where in Bushwick you are. My packages arrive at around 2. I pick up packages and mail at the DeKalb/Wyckoff post office. I'm not sure where that is in relation to you.

How much does a ups part time package handler make a week?

its not 50 dollars a week. its about 160 dollar a week I'm a ups part time package handler

Analogy for Golgi body?

Its like a UPS shipping centerYou can think of it as the Post Office of a cell packing up items and shipping them out.

Where can you go to ship a package in Nashville?

You can ship a package at any of the U.S. Post Office locations, the UPS Stores, or FedEx Shipping Centers. UPS and FedEx have many shipping centers in Nashville TN.

Are you allowed to put something on someone's door?

Sure you can put something at a door. How do you think UPS, FedEx or the post office delivers packages?

What is the Golgi apparatus like?

It is like UPS or a post office. It helps organize the mail or packages and makes sure that it is sent to the correct place.

Does walmart ship through mail?

Well, they ship to homes. I'm not sure whether they use the US Post Office or UPS or FedEx.

How much does a ups package handler make part time?


Is there any way to mail or ship liquor?

Yes, as long as you're shipping it within the state you live, the post office, FedEx or UPS will ship it for you.

Are USPS rates always the cheapest?

The post office, USPS, is generally the cheapest way to mail packages. Generally parcel post or flat rate is the way to go. UPS and FedEx are generally more expensive.

What doe ups mean?

United Parcel Service - a private company. USPS is US Postal Service - the government organization that runs your local post office.

How much does it cost to ship something to Norway?

How much does it weigh? Where are you shipping it from? How fast do you want it to get there? Which company are you shipping it with? (For example, the post office, FedEx, UPS, etc.)

How would you go about posting a letter to the US?

It depends on where you live. You may want to take it to your local post office, or you can mail it via FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

Can you ship a bottle of wine from CA to CT?

FedEx and UPS don't allow individuals to ship wine. Neither does the post office. Licensed parties can get a contract with UPS that allows them to ship wine, but that's limited by state laws.