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== == == == Due to the advancements in simple paternity testing, over 30% of those paying child support are learning they are NOT the father of the children.

Now, it could be claimed that the children need a father, and any father will make due, but if the man files a challenge for custody. or even to enforce court ordered parental rights to see the children, in most states, the mother can make a showing of evidence that he's not the father and thus doesn't deserve the right. But, if she does, she loses her claim on child support. However, she can than file a retroactive order against the bio-dad, if she's not already living with him.

In 20 states, once a man is paying child support, he cannot challenge paternity, but in the other 30 States, he has only 24 Months to learn he's not the father, and file a challenge against being obligated to pay child support. These restrictions are not equally applied to the mothers in a defense of a challenge for custody by the father. In January of 2009, the Kansas Legislature turned down the passage of a law to allow challenges to paternity even in cases where the man has never had contact with the child. The issue rose from a case involving a man who had a claim filed against him while on Active Military Duty when he was unable to return to the US to challenge the claim. Child support claims not limited by the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1990 (SScRA).

In June of 2009, Missouri became the 30th state to pass the law. Signed by Governor Jay Nixon, it followed the pattern of the other states with the law of having a 24 month limit on a man to learn he's not the father of the child, whether or not he's had contact.

There should be Mandatory Paternity Testing not only in all new Child Support Claims, but perhaps in at the time of all new births. to prevent the mother from filing for retroactive child support on the bio-dad after years of marriage with the child supported by a man who thought he was the father. The words of the day for all men who've been told the are to be a father should be:

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Q: Can you get a paternity test after paying child support for 10 years?
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If a child that is seventeen years old drops out of school do you have to keep paying child support?

In the US, yes, you have to continue paying child support.

If an unwed father only seen his child once does he have any legal rights to this child after 11 years?

yes he does, at least in the state of Kansas. All he would have to do is get an attorney and establish paternity. Although if he did go through the court system and hasn't been paying child support he would have 11 years of back child support to pay

What age does the noncustodial parent stop paying child support on a child in college in the state of Indiana?

my son is 21 years old, when can i stop paying child support?

When does a father stop paying child support?

legally can stop paying once the child is 18 years of age

Do the father still have to pay child support if he finds out after 8 years that the child is not his?

no It depends on the laws of the State and how paternity was established - often there are time limits for contesting paternity.

Your daughters father was paying child support for 8 years then in July he stopped paying and no one knows where he moved to not even child support what do you do?

what do I do if my child's father is no where to be found what do I do if my child's father is no where to be found

Does a child 18 years old have to visit a parent who is still paying child support?


What age to stop paying child support in Arkansas?

When the child is 21 years old.

If a father finds out he has a child after he is two years old do you still have to pay child support?

Yes. If paternity has been established the father will be required to pay child support until the child is at least eighteen.

Can you take rights away from their dad for not paying child suppot and not seeing them in three years?

You can turn to the court for that, only they can do this. If he has not paid child support in 3 years you should have turned to the court 3 years ago. Paying child support is not a choice and they can take it straight out of his wagers.

If a father doesn't establish paternity for 10 years will he have to pay child support for those 10 previous years?

In Florida it is two years or from the time the petition for support is filed, forward.

When the child reach 18 years old what step is necessary to stop paying child support?

Generally, there are no steps. You can just stop paying beginning the month after the child's 18th birthday.

What if the mother said the child was dead and the father didn't know about the child until the child was 7 years old?

The father can request a DNA test through the family court and once paternity can be established he can request a visitation schedule and pay child support.The father can request a DNA test through the family court and once paternity can be established he can request a visitation schedule and pay child support.The father can request a DNA test through the family court and once paternity can be established he can request a visitation schedule and pay child support.The father can request a DNA test through the family court and once paternity can be established he can request a visitation schedule and pay child support.

Your son was just notified by letter that the girl said he fathered her child and wants child support for last 10 years?

Paternity test. If that proves the child is his, get a lawyer. Good luck!

Can a mother seek child support after 16 years of not pursuing it?

Yes, if in cases of unmarried persons paternity has been established. If pataernity is uncertain then it will be required by the court before a petition for child support can be addressed. Collection of child support for years passed is only possible if there was a valid court order for support relating to the year(s) in question.

How can a father legally stop paying child support on a child that is 18 years old and enrolled in college in Iowa?

Make an official request from child support enforcement. see links

How old does your child have to be before you can stop paying child support in Maryland?

I believe it is 18 years of age. Classified as of an adult.

When do you stop paying child support son is 17 left school not working and not at college?

No matter what age or in school. Child Support is until 18 years of age.

What if you never had an order to pay child support for a child and seventeen years later you get a letter stating you will have to start paying child support would i have to pay back pay?

wow, that's a good one.. There are so many conditions to this.. It's going to depend on if the mother received public assitance at any time during those years. If paternity is in question. If the order is something that's being requested direct from the other parent. Or if the order is being sought by a Child Support Agency. You have to be more specific with your question.

Can you modify your child support arrangements after your child turned 18 years of age?

It depends on when your child support was supposed to end. If it has ended then it cannot be modified retroactively. If you are still paying support, some states go to 21, then you can file a motion to modify your child support.

Can you request a paternity test 4 years after child was born?

Yes, but if the alledged father signed the birth certificate or a declaration of parentage in many US states the results of a test to establish parentage may not be enough to relieve that person of their financial responsibility. This would be especially true if the man has been living with the mother and child or paying support for the child.

Do you have to pay back child support if you just found out the child is yours after 16 years?

No! You only have to pay back to the time the custodial parent actually filed for child support. If she hasn't filed, or established paternity through the courts, you don't have to pay!

In PA when are you no longer responsible for paying child support?

You will no longer have to pay child support once your child reaches 18 years old and they choose not to attend college. If they attend college full-time, you will be ordered to continue paying until they either graduate or drop out.

What do you do if you have a child with a woman and you are not married?

Your start paying child support and do so until the child is 18 years old. see links

Can you ever get back in years child support owed to you?

I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!