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No. Any agreement has to be "agreed" to by both parties.

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No. An agreement is a negotiated and typically legally binding arrangement between parties. You can't get any agreement without the other party's signature.

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Who can put witness signature in an agreement for eg in lease agreement?

A landlord can put a witness signature in a lease agreement. A property owner can also sign as a witness to a lease agreement.

Can annulment be granted without a signature of wife or husband?

no, without a signature there is no agreement of it.

Is a notarized business agreement legal?

An agreement does not get notarized. A signature does. Most contracts do not need notarized signatures to be binding.

Is a witness' signature required on a written agreement between two parties regarding repayment?

If the agreement (contract) was signed in the presence of a Notary Public, no.

How do you overcome a signature copied fraudulently in a sales agreement?

If you are challenging the signature as valid - tell them to produce the ORIGINAL document that contains your ORIGINAL signature. If they cannot, or will not, you will be able to walk away. Reproduced signatures are not legal for enforcing contracts or agreements. The holder of the the original paper MUST be able to produce the original agreement and original signatures.

How do you get a medallion signature guarantee?

Go to your local finanical institution. There are over 700 banks, financial institutions, etc that particpate in one of the three (3) medallian programs that the SEC requires. Usually the service is free for those with a relationship with the bank. Remember they are financially guarentee'ing your signature! What does it mean to "financially" guarantee a signature? Is the banker required to view any financial documents other than those relating to accounts with their own institution?

What is To become a party to an agreement?

Not really enough information -but- it sounds like you are somehow "involved' in whatever 'agreement' is being referred to either voluntarily or involuntarily. (it also probably needs your signature.)

How many years do you have to be separated in pa to divorce without partner signature?

my friend has been separated for nearly 3 years can he put his divorce in nw and how long does it tke for a divorce to come though

What does Its mean on a legal document?

On a lease agreement at the bottom it asks for By: This would be my signature Iis: This I think is my title but I want confirmation?

Can you confirm if an agreement is signed and witnessed by the same person that it is valid?

There are a number of legal rules which apply to agreements or contracts, so I cannot say that any signed agreement is valid; but if the agreement meets other requirements for legality, and is signed, then that signature is legally binding. A signed agreement does not have to be witnessed by another person (for example, anytime you write a check, that is an instruction to your bank to make a payment to another person, and that instruction is validated only by your own signature, with no witness being required) but if the agreement is very important, a witness is desirable as a form of confirmation.

How long does it take to get a final decree of divorce if she won't sign?

You must be legally separated for one year,then you won't need his signature.

Can copy notation be separated from body of letter?

The copy notation belongs at the bottom of the page below the signature and name/title of the sender.

What if you found out someone falsified your signature on a lease as a cosigner without your permission?

I was applying for a new rental agreement and the place I'm trying to rent from saw a judgment in my name for a lease that I have never lived or signed up to be a cosigner to be on any agreement. I think my sister used my social security info and forged my signature and she backed out of a rental agreement. I've opened an investigation with the rental agency and other property and I'm just wondering what I can do in the meantime to clear my name from this.

Can you get divorced without the other partys signature in NY state?

I know you can still get divorced in NY without a signature if you've been separated for 2 years. There are other ways too but you still have to get consent from the court, like if you don't know where your spouse is

What are all the Webkinz signature pets?

The full list of signature pets:Signature PandaSignature ChimpanzeeSignature Golden RetrieverSignature RaccoonSignature Calico CatSignature Cocker SpanielSignature TimberwolfSignature CheetahSignature PenguinSignature German ShepherdSignature Dutch BunnySignature PigSignature Short-Haired YorkieSignature CowSignature PomeranianSignature DeerSignature LionSignature LabradoodleSignature Portuguese Water DogSignature Harp SealSignature Bernese Mountain DogSignature GiraffeSignature Lop BunnySignature KoalaSignature BeaverSignature Australian ShepherdSignature Spotted JaguarSignature Wild Bactrian CamelSignature Orange TabbySignature Black Footed FerretSignature Pot Bellied PigSignature German Shorthaired PointerSignature Arctic FoxSignature Siberian HuskySignature English Spot Bunny

Can a lawyer who is a notary notarize his own signature?

A notary can only notarize another person's signature. The notary is acting as an impartial third party. Notarizing one's own signature is considered a conflict of interest. The real question is whether the situation the attorney is in actually requires a notary. If the attorney is representing a client, his signature will usually be accompanied by his license number. In cases where the attorney is signing a document as his client's representative, no notary is required. If the attorney is acting in personal matters on his own behalf, he cannot notarize his own signature. The bottom line is that notarizing a signature prevents people from claiming at some future date that they did not actually sign an agreement when they did. If the person is known to be who the person says the person is, notaries are not necessary. Notarizing a signature is usually done when working out a high value agreement between complete strangers, or when mailing agreements between two distant parties.

Can a signature be legal if written in white ink on white paper?

The standard legal signature must be in black or blue-black ink. However, it can certainly be shown as evidence of agreement or contract, particularly if it can be seen by ultraviolet light or through another means.

If you have been separated for over seven years can you get a divorce without the signature of your spouse?

AnswerYes. Visit the family court and the clerk will help you file the proper petition.

Why Mexico economy improve after 1994?

Mexico opened its economy to the world, culminating with the signature of the North American Free Trade Agreement, with the United States and Canada.

Can a employer stop paying you what he agreed in your offer letter with no explanation?

If you have a signed contract or payment agreement or have your signature on anything that reflects what your employer agreed to pay you, and if that paperwork doesn't contain a clause saying the employer can change the agreement, then the employer cannot arbitrarily change your compensation.

How do you drop a bad tenant?

If you were smart enough to write a tenancy agreement, you can include a clause that states something like...Termination/Eviction"The landlord may terminate this agreement when and if the tenant has not complied satisfactorily with one or more of the previously mentioned clauses."This is usually stated at the end of the agreement, before the signature and date lines.A signed tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract between landlord and tenant. Without an agreement you're only legal course of action is to hire a lawyer.

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