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Can you get a rash or hives from eating moldy bread?

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Hives are due to an allergy so unless you are allergic to the mould you won't get that, a rashy could be anything. More to the point, why would you eat mouldy bread?

2006-09-11 06:56:39
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Can acupuncture cause a rash or hives?

Yes, acupuncture can cause rash & hives.

Will niacin cause a rash and hives in the sun?

niacin causes hives?

How do you know if this rash is cold sores?

As a rule, cold sores are not a rash, but a blister! A rash sounds like,"Hives".

What could be the cause for a rash that itches and comes back once a month usually when i am on my period?

Hives. Hives are caused from stress. I had hives for a year. They came and went every day. It looks just like a rash.

What does the term urtic mean?

nettle, rash, or hives

Another name for hives?

A rash, inflammation, skin complaint try looking up synonyms of Hives

Can mometazone be used for a rash?

i have had a rash or hives for a month now...nothing seems to work,,will mometazone help.?

What causes a rash to turn into hives?

A rash that turns into hives is a sign that the allergic reaction is increasing and getting worse. It may be that the allergen is still present or a super sensitive immune system.

Can fleas give you a rash?

not necessarily a rash but if you are allergic to the bites they can bite you and cause hives....the hives are red and can appear in clusters. they itch very bad - benedryl otc will help stop the itch

What can become irritated and break out in a rash or hives as a result of an allergic reaction?


Can you get a rash from eating too much bread?

No. Just fat. Note that some people have food allergies, but it doesn't take much to trigger that.

How does drug use affect the skin?

Some give you hives, some hives are life threatining, some drugs you cannot be in the sun it will cause a rash or illness.

Can your body overheats and cause hives and redness to the skin?

Yes. It's called heat rash.

Dog ate diaper rash cream and broke out in hives what should i did?

eh.. Take it to a vet?

Can smoking cause hives?

Yes, if you are allergic to cigarettes, or emotionally stressed about being found out smoking cigarettes. People can be allergic to just about anything, causing a rash, itching and hives. Also strong emotion can cause an outbreak of hives.

What would a skin rash look like if you had a sensitivity to a chemical in a pool?

It may look like hives. A red rash with tiny bumps that may or may not be itchy.

What are symptoms of grass allergies?

*Itchy eyes *Itchy mouth *Sneezing hives, rash, itchy skin

What is a skin rash that looks like honeycomb?

I would call that ...Hives.....normally induce when the person has an allergy...

What is the medical term for a risen bump?

The term urticaria is used for hives. It can also describe a general rash.

What causes red bumps on hands and feet they start out purple the they turn red?

A Rash, Hives, Or an Infection.

How do you get rid of marks after allergic reaction?

Take some benedryl and put hydrocortisone cream on the rash/hives.

Can eating strawberries cause a body rash?

Yes if you are allergic to strawberries, it can cause a rash.

Can you get a rash if your allergic to grass?

Yes. Or you can get Hives, which is like a rash but instead it is red bumps. They itch a lot and can be anywhere on your body. They usually are anywhere the grass touched you, depending on how allergic you are.

What does the word reaction mean?

A reaction is an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event. For example, my reaction to my university acceptance letter was extremely happy and excited. Or, my reaction to eating peanuts was a rash and hives, since I am allergic.

What happens if you have too much nickel in your body?

well, it depends if your allergic to it or not. if you are, you'll probably get a skin rash or hives.