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Sure you can, there are scholarships for all sorts of things. You just need to do some research to find some that you qualify for.

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Q: Can you get a scholarship if you have a GPA of 3.85 and a ACT score of 26?
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Can you get a scholarship if you have a GPA of 3.5 and a ACT score of 23?

depends on what college you want a scholarship for. but the GPA is pretty good. could be better but good. and the ACT score is pretty good as well. good luck!

Can you apply for Tennessee Hope Scholarship with an 16 ACT score?

no, you have to have a 21 or a 3.0 GPA

What is the act score to get a full scholarship for the university of Alabama?

It is at least a 30 and a 3.5 GPA.

What GPA score goes on scholarships?

Ask whoever is giving the scholarship if there are GPA requirements.

What GPA and act score will let you get into central Michigan university?

A 2.0/4.0 GPA and varying ACT score will get you in. The average ACT score of students is 20-24.

Will you get a scholarship to auburn with a 3.75 GPA and IB classes?

Not with those stats alone, however those are usually a precursor to a good ACT score. A 30 will get you a full tuition scholarship, but beware the cost of living, and other expenses.

Can you get a scholarship based just on a act reading score?

none that i have heard of. most scholarships take full account of applicants. they asses their GPA, academic standings etc.

What is an academic scholarship?

Academic scholarships are scholarships awarded based on your grades and test scores. An unweighted GPA of a 3.5, a SAT score above 1200 (Critical Reading and Math combined), and an ACT score above 26 can usually earn you an academic scholarship. However, those scores aren't set in stone. More challenging schools, such as Havard and Yale, want a 4.0 unweighted GPA and SAT scores over 1400 (ACT scores over 30). Other schools will award scholarships for a 3.0 GPA and an 1100 SAT score. For the most accurate estimate of what your scores need to be for an academic scholarship, check out the websites of the colleges you want to attend.

What GPA and act score is needed to get into Northwestern university?

GPA: 3.75 or higher ACT: 34 or higher

Can you get into Southeast Missouri state with a 2.6 high school GPA and a 16 ACT score?

Can you get into Central Missouri State with a 2.9 high school GPA and a 17 ACT score?

Do you need a good GPA to get a scholarship when you have a high ACT score?

To get the best scholarships you need a high score of both. But different scholarships are for different things, there are plenty out there that are based on high ACT scores. I would start with websites like or or

What are the SAT ACT and GPA score requirements to get into Yale?

There are no requirements.

Is a 25 act score and 3.8 GPA good?


What is a good GPA and ACT score for Duke University?

Since Duke University is a fairly prestigious school a good GPA would be in the range of 3.6 - 3.8 with an ACT score around 30.

What GPA and act is needed to get into U of W Madison?

To get into the University of Wisconsin at Madison you need a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and an ACT composite score higher than 23, with a 1700 SAT score.

What GPA and act score is average to get into BYU provo?

Gpa: 3.8 Act: 28 Source: Be

What GPA do you need to get into MTSU?

you need an average GPA of 2.7/4.0 scale and an ACT score of 19.

What is the satact and GPA score required in Harvard?

3.75 GPA 33 for SAT ACT

What GPA and act is needed for U of W you have a 3.7 and you got a 31 on the ACT what are the chances you get in if you are out of state buy applying early decision?

If you have a 3.7 GPA and a 31 combined ACT score your chances of getting into the University of Wisconsin are pretty good, considering that most students who get in have a GPA of 3.5 and a score of 23 on the ACT.

What is the ACT score requirement to get in the University of Tennessee?

High school GPA of at least a 3.0 or 19 ACT score (890 SAT).

What are the high school GPA and act score requirements to get into clemson university?

There is not set requirement to get into the school. They will look at all applicants and go from there. You want to shoot for at least a 2.5 GPA and a 20 ACT score.

Can you get a decent college scholarship with a 20 ACT score and 3.2 GPA?

You may be able to get a scholarship with good grades and a good resume. Apply for any and all scholarships in your hometown with civic organizations and sports. You may be able to net some good money for school.

What ACT score do you need to get in SIU carbondale?

I got a 17 on ACT and have a 2.0 GPA. will i still get in?

Can you get into UCLA with a 4.5 weighted GPA and 27 ACT score?


What is the minimum ACT score for the University of Alabama?

20 and a GPA 3.0

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