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Root canal therapy is used to prevent or to remove an existing infection, and not cause a new infection to happen.

If a root canal was done under sterile conditions, by reputed dentist or endodontist, there should be very low risks, practically none, or getting a staph infection or an infection of any kind.

I have a staph infection from my root canal. I have been dealing with this for two months now. I have been on 11 different courses of antibiotics, as well as IV antibiotic treatments in the hospital, to no avail. The infection has spread up my face and down my neck and is affecting both of my tonsils. No one seems to know what to do, and I am getting nervous. It's been a long, painful ordeal, with no end in sight. Here are more answers from other FAQ Farmers: * I got a staph infection from a root canal and almost died. * I had a root canal about 9 months ago and now I have an infected left tonsil with a huge painful hole in it, ulcer. I am going tomorrow to get a CT scan for my severe headaches, throat pain and fevers that have been happening to me. My doctor thinks I have some type of abscess in my tonsil or in a nerve (possibly in the nerve from the root canal) as the ulcer in my tonsil is on the same side of the tooth which the root canal was done. I feel that the abscess will be from the root canal because after it was done, is when my tonsil problem started. I would just have pulled the tooth if I would have known this could happen. * You can get a staph infection from picking your nose, so it's very possible to get a staph infection from any invasive procedure to your body, whether it be minimally invasive (root canal, laproscopy, in-grown toe nail removal) or fully invasive (C-section, open heart surgery, etc.). * I am sure any kind of dental work promotes misery. While my toddler had pink eye and I had a sore throat, likely caused by the same bacteria, I had my teeth cleaned. Nothing compared to a root canal but it was enough to turn my tonsils, sinus and lungs into a nightmare for four months. A strep ifection, not as bad as staph but I still wonder if all this dental cleaning business is actually good for us. Maybe it is not the dental bacteria that causes heart attacks as they say but the fact that we are scraping this bacteria off and get it into the blood stream.

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Q: Can you get a staph infection after having a root canal?
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Is having root canal dangerous?

No root canal is not at all dangerous. Dentists recommend it only the time when infection reaches the root of the website and require cleaning.

Is staph infection the most common source of nosocomial infection?

I believe it is the root cause of most infections.

Why have a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that can extend the useful life of a tooth that is infected and would otherwise be lost. If your quality of life or your appearance will not be adversely affected, then a root canal is not absolutely necessary, but the tooth should then be extracted to get rid of the infection. Living with the infection can lead to more serious complications.

How long will antibiotics keep a person from having a root canal?


Why did your dentist give you penicillin for your tooth that needs a root canal if he saw no infection?

To prevent any infection that may occur.

What can you take for a tooth abscess?

Antibiotics to kill the infection, then you need to get a root canal procedure done. The abscess can come back if the root canal is not properly cleaned and filled by a dentist.

What if I'm having pain after a root canal?

Go back to the dentist.

A pulpectomy is an endodontic treatment to cure an infection By what name is this surgery also known?


What is the treatment for an infected root canal?

If you get an infection after a root canal, its usually called a "failed" root canal. The dentist may try it again by re-filing the tooth and then repeating the process, or simply go for the more simple (and less complicated) procedure of removing the tooth in its entirely.

What are consequences of getting your root canal therapy?

If your tooth needs a root canal and is not painful, then it must be a dead tooth. When a tooth is dead, it is a source of infection which is not good. It is possible that it could hurt in the future due to infection. Better to have the root canal done, because you're trying to save your tooth. If you don't have the root canal treatment done and your tooth continues to decay, the dentist might have to pull that tooth out in the future. Once you pull out your tooth, that's gone forever

What can you do if you have a tooth ake and its the tooth that had a root canal?

If you have had a root canal and the tooth that was removed still hurts, it is probably because the entire root wasn't removed or the drilling was not packed tightly enough. If that happens, another root canal must be performed and the tooth re-packed to prevent infection. A tooth infection left uncared for is potentially life-threatening if the infection spreads and should not be taken lightly. Another possibility to look into is displaced pain. Sometimes the body gets confused and pain from an infection or problem in one area can be felt in another part of the body.

Should a root canal be performed if infected?

Yes! In fact, half of the time, its the root canal which clears away the infection as your dentist would usually file away the "bad" part of the tooth anyway.

Do you have to have a root canal for having a hole in your tooth?

No, but it is what most dentist's do, and it is better for your teeth.

Do you have to have a root canal if the tooth dies?

Yes. If the nerve inside of a tooth dies, it is prone to infection (if not infected already). Root canal treatment should prevent or resolve this infection. A tooth may die for various reasons such as: decay, trauma, extensive wear/grinding/abrasion.

Seems that infection?

Seems that infection from the root canal of the teeth have passed to your maxillary sinus near your facial nerve branches. Better consult your physician.

Why do you have to go to the dentist if you have a toothache?

Becuase you have a cavaty that will grow and you will end up having a root canal. The pain will get much much worse and if the tooth doesn't get fixed or pulled out the infection will spread to your jaw.

What is pain and pressure in the back of your head near the ear being nausea and a headache?

Could be a sinus infection, you sometimes get a sinus infection after having some dental fixes like a crown or root canal even if you never had sinus trouble before

Are root canals worth it?

Root canal is performed only when teeth is damaged from the root. Only at that time dentist recommend this treatment. And it is really worthy it removes all the infection from the root of the website.

How long does it take before you need a root canal?

One endotontist told me to hurry up before it got pus in it and the other told me to leave it alone and see if it settled down after the crown procedure. Quack!It depends on the situation, sometimes if you already have an acute infection the dentist may give you some antibiotics to start reducing the infection before having the root canal done. Partially this is done because it is pus can interfere with the anesthetic making it harder to get the area numb. Other dentists will open the canal and allow the pus to drain out of the center of the tooth, this relieves the pressure and pain. If you don't have an acute infection then it is best to get it done a.s.a.p. before one occurs, the longer you let things go the worse the prognosis is for the tooth to be retained long term. -RDH---------Root canal has to be performed if the dental nerve has died and/or is infected. You may have no pain but still need a root canal treatment. Most common reasons for root canal treatment are bad caries and tooth abrasion at the dentist.Here's a video with more info about root canal

Is it normal for pain and swelling to persist for a week after having a root canal?

No that is not normal. I had a root canal done and it did not hurt at all. Call your dentist and see what he can do for you. Good luck and God Bless:)

What is the risk of a root canal?

There is a possibility that the root canal treatment will not be successful the first time. If infection and inflammation recur and an x ray indicates retreatment is feasible, the old filling material is removed and the canals are thoroughly cleaned out.

How can you tell if you need a root canal?

you can tell if you need a root canal if your tooth has an infection like me i have a infection in the bottom of the root and i was searching about if it hurts and stuff. i am freaked am not lying do not be afraid if you have extreme pain(like Me) go to the dentist. just do not wait till extreme pain it will hurt if you do. Answer Yes if you experience tooth pulp damage, or other injuries or diseases of the teeth that cause pain, infection, and loss of teeth. A root canal helps save not only the health of a single tooth, but surrounding teeth, as well as providing pain relief and return of chewing function.

If you have had a failed root canal will future root canals be likely to fail?

the best predictor is why you needed a root canal in the first place. if its due to trauma, success is extremely high. if its due to infection, success rates are a little lower. the root anatomy of the tooth also factors into success rate.

What are the causes of a lump on the gum that sometimes lets out pus?

That would be a periapical abscess. The tooth it is associated with is dead, you should have a root canal or extraction a.s.a.p. Waiting too long will allow the recurrent infection to break down the bone supporting the tooth and the long term prognosis of a root canal will be diminished. Having a long standing recurrent infection can also cause numerous other systemic problems and risk blood sepsis if the infection is released into the blood stream. Go to your Dentist, get an X-ray.

Why does dentist prescribes amoxycillin prior to root canal treatment?

A root canal is an open wound. The mouth is a breeding ground for germs. Amoxycillin is a powerful antibiotic that helps the body fight any possibility of infection while the wound heals.