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Root canal therapy is used to prevent or to remove an existing infection, and not cause a new infection to happen.

If a root canal was done under sterile conditions, by reputed dentist or endodontist, there should be very low risks, practically none, or getting a staph infection or an infection of any kind.

I have a staph infection from my root canal. I have been dealing with this for two months now. I have been on 11 different courses of antibiotics, as well as IV antibiotic treatments in the hospital, to no avail. The infection has spread up my face and down my neck and is affecting both of my tonsils. No one seems to know what to do, and I am getting nervous. It's been a long, painful ordeal, with no end in sight. Here are more answers from other FAQ Farmers: * I got a staph infection from a root canal and almost died. * I had a root canal about 9 months ago and now I have an infected left tonsil with a huge painful hole in it, ulcer. I am going tomorrow to get a CT scan for my severe headaches, throat pain and fevers that have been happening to me. My doctor thinks I have some type of abscess in my tonsil or in a nerve (possibly in the nerve from the root canal) as the ulcer in my tonsil is on the same side of the tooth which the root canal was done. I feel that the abscess will be from the root canal because after it was done, is when my tonsil problem started. I would just have pulled the tooth if I would have known this could happen. * You can get a staph infection from picking your nose, so it's very possible to get a staph infection from any invasive procedure to your body, whether it be minimally invasive (root canal, laproscopy, in-grown toe nail removal) or fully invasive (C-section, open heart surgery, etc.). * I am sure any kind of dental work promotes misery. While my toddler had pink eye and I had a sore throat, likely caused by the same bacteria, I had my teeth cleaned. Nothing compared to a root canal but it was enough to turn my tonsils, sinus and lungs into a nightmare for four months. A strep ifection, not as bad as staph but I still wonder if all this dental cleaning business is actually good for us. Maybe it is not the dental bacteria that causes heart attacks as they say but the fact that we are scraping this bacteria off and get it into the blood stream.

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2007-10-13 23:16:05
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Q: Can you get a staph infection after having a root canal?
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Is having root canal dangerous?

No root canal is not at all dangerous. Dentists recommend it only the time when infection reaches the root of the website and require cleaning.

Is staph infection the most common source of nosocomial infection?

I believe it is the root cause of most infections.

Why have a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that can extend the useful life of a tooth that is infected and would otherwise be lost. If your quality of life or your appearance will not be adversely affected, then a root canal is not absolutely necessary, but the tooth should then be extracted to get rid of the infection. Living with the infection can lead to more serious complications.

How long will antibiotics keep a person from having a root canal?


Why did your dentist give you penicillin for your tooth that needs a root canal if he saw no infection?

To prevent any infection that may occur.

What can you take for a tooth abscess?

Antibiotics to kill the infection, then you need to get a root canal procedure done. The abscess can come back if the root canal is not properly cleaned and filled by a dentist.

What if I'm having pain after a root canal?

Go back to the dentist.

A pulpectomy is an endodontic treatment to cure an infection By what name is this surgery also known?


What is the treatment for an infected root canal?

If you get an infection after a root canal, its usually called a "failed" root canal. The dentist may try it again by re-filing the tooth and then repeating the process, or simply go for the more simple (and less complicated) procedure of removing the tooth in its entirely.

Do you have to have a root canal for having a hole in your tooth?

No, but it is what most dentist's do, and it is better for your teeth.

Should a root canal be performed if infected?

Yes! In fact, half of the time, its the root canal which clears away the infection as your dentist would usually file away the "bad" part of the tooth anyway.

What are consequences of getting your root canal therapy?

If your tooth needs a root canal and is not painful, then it must be a dead tooth. When a tooth is dead, it is a source of infection which is not good. It is possible that it could hurt in the future due to infection. Better to have the root canal done, because you're trying to save your tooth. If you don't have the root canal treatment done and your tooth continues to decay, the dentist might have to pull that tooth out in the future. Once you pull out your tooth, that's gone forever

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