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Can you get a tattoo on the upper right corner of your right foot?


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You can get a tattoo almost anywhere on your body. Consult the tattoo artist about placement.


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Yes she has a tattoo of a star on the right side of her right foot.

It is a Heart on her RIGHT foot :)

Ariana Grande's tattoo is on her toe on her right foot.

Small butterflies on her right foot.

no she does not. in 2 movies she had fake onesJennifer Aniston received one tattoo in the year 2011. It is a tattoo of her deceased dog's name, Norman, and the tattoo is on her right foot.

jenny mcarthy has three tattoos on her body first tattoo half yin and yang on her right shoulder .second tattoo is on her right wrist a pink heart.the third tattoo is on her right foot a large rose.

The tattoo on her left foot is a heart. It is not colored in.

Yes, Jennifer Aniston does have a tattoo that is located on the inside of her right foot. It reads Norman in remembrance of her terrier mix who died after 15 years. She got the tattoo in 2011.

if you're referring to the one on her right foot, from that picture with the criss-crossed sandle, then it might just be one.

I would have to say no that is not normal. I have a large tattoo of a gecko on my foot and the tattoo artist did not blow on my foot while I was getting it done. In fact a lot of tattoo artists won't tattoo feet at all because the ink doesn't hold up very well because of the thin skin on your foot and the constant agitation from shoes and socks.

its a heart she got it when she was 15! its on her right foot its really cute and simple

Yes she does. It is on the top of her right foot. It says "Beloved" and has a humming bird next to it.

It is normal to have swelling on a tattoo that was recently tattooed.

no she does not, she used a black marker and drew a heart on her foot for pictures on her first album and then turned it into a tattoo

She has a tattoo on her right foot that says: "Let it be..." And she has one on her right side by her rib cage that reads "ma petite amie" which means a close girlfriend. She has a third one on her right middle finger on the side of her indexfinger that says: "Shine". Her fourth is a little anchor on her left ankle. Her fifth tattoo is on her neck. I think it is a cross with a star. Her sixth tattoo is on her right arm, below her elbow. It says: "stand by me"

22 inches or 1 foot 10 inches measured diagonally (from top left corner to bottom right corner).

He has a bold red star and a bold blue star on the inside of his ankles, the word 'Bare' written on his foot, 'Abi' written on his other foot as a tribute to girlfriend Abi Fry, and a space themed large tattoo across his right chest extending onto his upper arm - this he has been commented on twitter by saying he might be extending further down his arm.Actually the tattoo on hie foot says 'Athletes'...Harrys says 'Bare'My mistake.

LINEMASTER Premier Foot Pedal

all the bones in the upper foot are called tarsus

because she wants to that why its not a really tattoo

No, its a Henna Tattoo lovelovelove -Taylor Swifts #1 fan-

He has 2, one on his wrist that says "a tattoo" & one on his foot that says "Bare".

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