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Can you get a teaching certificate with a political science degree?

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Probably the degree would apply to sociology. However, you also need to have the teaching courses and a minor subject. Then, pass the professional and subject tests for your state.

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What education do you need to be a Environmental Science teacher?

In the US (most states) you will need, minimum, a Bachelor Degree, with a major or minor in Environmental Science, AND a teaching certificate (requirements for the certificate vary by state).

Can you get a teaching certificate without a degree?

No. It requires a college degree.

How do you acquire a teaching certificate?

To get a degree in teaching, it takes 4 years. To get a teaching certificate it varies with states. You can try and it should have a lot of information that will help you out.

What do you need to qualify in order to be a physical science teacher?

Requirements are normally set by each state. In general, you will need a bachelor's degree with the appropriate number of science courses and a teaching certificate. A teaching certificate will normally require specific education courses and being a student teacher for a period of time.

Do you need a teaching degree to teach?

You can teach anybody anything you know. But to be a teacher in a school, most school systems will require a teaching certificate. You do not need a teaching degree in order to teach in a school. You only need a teaching certification, which you can get without having any sort of degree in teaching. Teaching in colleges and universities seldom require a teaching certificate, but they usually want a 'terminal degree' in the field that is being taught, such as a Medical Degree or a PhD or a Law Degree.

What can you do with a master's degree?

If you have a masters degree in history, art, math, English or science, then you could teach. *Majority of Colleges and Universities require a doctorate in order to teach. Teaching in Elementary and Secondary schools requires an additional teaching certificate/license.

What things do you need to do in order to become a science teacher?

That depends on whether you want to teach Science in elementary school or college. If you want to teach it in elementary school, then you need at least a Bachelor's degree with a teaching certificate... you will have to do some student teaching along the way. If you want to teach at a college, you need a Master's degree at minimum, and it is much easier to get a job if you have a PhD. You do not need a teaching certificate (those are for teaching kids), but there might be minimum experience requirements teaching depending on the school, and so you want to make sure that you do some TA (Teaching Assistant) or other in-classroom work while you are getting your degree, just so you don't come out knowing everything about Science and nothing about teaching.

What kind of bachelor's degree would a Political Science major receive?

Typically it would be a bachelors of science degree (BS) with a major in political science.

Do you need a bachelor's degree to become an elementary school teacher?

You need a bachelor's degree and a teaching certificate.

Can you become a elementary teacher with a bachelor's degree in business?

Yes, and a teaching certificate. =)

What is needed for me to do GCSE in teaching?

There is no GCSE in teaching. There are a number of ways into primary or secondary teaching, all of which require qualification at degree level. You will need GCSEs in Maths, english and science at at least grade C for most post graduate teaching qualifications. You will usually be required to have a degree in a curriculum subject and a formal teaching qualification either included in your degree (4 year QTS) or a postgraduate certificate of education. (1 year)

Can you get a political science degree in college?


What qualifications do you need to be a biology teacher?

A Degree in teaching and A* in science !

What degree do you need to be a computer teacher?

You need a teaching certificate and then probably a master of education degree as well to teach at the high school and especially college level. Focus on computer science for your undergraduate so you will be competant as a teacher.

What university did Barack Obama earn a political science degree?

He received his degree in Political Science in 1983 from what is today called Columbia University in New York.

What is a political lawyer?

well political science is a subject thats got to do with the goverment and the state you could become a lawyer with the qualifications of political science as a mater of fact if you if you are going to the direction of a polotition it would be alote wiser to have a degree of political science and a degree on law

What states require a masters degree to get or keep a teaching certificate?

Some states require a masters degree to get or keep a teaching certificate. I was under the impression that most states have such a requirement, but was recently told that this is not true. I want to know which states have such a requirement.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in political science?


How long does it take to get a degree in Political Science?

Mos people take about three to four years to get a degree in Political Science. With graduate degrees it will take about two years.

What kind of bachelors degree do you need for teaching?

Bachelors of Science in Education.

Where can I find information about political science schools?

Political science is a four-year degree offered by a university. It is a popular major among students who plan to attend law school. While some schools call it a "political science" degree, other schools do not offer it as such, but similar coursework would render a history degree with a major in political science. Several schools offer graduate degrees in political science:

Political Science Degree?

Do you have an interest in politics? If so, you might want to pursue a political science degree. Political science majors study the function of government and analyze how people view politicians. The knowledge that is gained through this degree can set a student up for careers in government or as political analysts. There is always demand for someone who has an intimate knowledge of how political systems operate.

What is Michelle kwan's degree?

bachelor's degree in international studies and minor in political science.

What degrees are needed to find a hospitality job?

A degree in life science or health science will help one get into medical school. From there studying a certain field will help to get a degree or certificate to practice. This certificate is what is needed to work in hospitals.

What education do you need to specialize in teaching?

A teacher's certificate for the state in question, which typically requires at least a bachelor's degree and the associated teaching courses.