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Absolutely. You are responsible for making sure the vehicle that you are driving is insured. It does not make any difference that you have other car insurance or even that the owner of the vehicle has other insurance. If there is not insurance on the vehicle you are driving then you are guilty.

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If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

Turn it into your insurance company first. Your insurance should handle everything. The way it usually works is his car is supposed to be insured so contact the "borrowed" cars owner and see if the driver is covered, if not the borrowed cars owners insurance may not pay and the owner will be liable for the cost of repairs, etc.

Do you have any insurance. If driving, they ask for your proof of auto insurance.

If you have insurance yourself you are insured to drive someones car. If you have an accident your insurance will cover it.

You need to add him to your insurance or he must have his own. Your boyfriend is not automatically insured.

you are covered ONLY if the owner of the car you are driving is insured for occasional drivers. Your mother's insurance has nothing to with another 's person's car that you have borrowed.

If you are driving the car, then you are officially liable for driving without proof of insurance, but most police will be understanding if you are driving a company car that you didn't know was insured.

You would call the insurance company of the person's car that you are driving. The insurance follows the car and not the insured.

You can purchase personal insurance from any insurance company either online or in an actual store front insurance company. It is important to have personal insurance so perhaps ask some of your friends or business associates who they are insured with.

No, but car has to be insured to register it & keep it registered. to take the driving test, the car you use must be insured.

Yes, they can add you as an "additional insured" on the policy. It could possible make his insurance rates go up though as it will then be considering your age and driving history.

Risk that cannot be insured would change according to the Insurance companies own buiness policy and underwriting practice for eg for a standard personal lines underwriter - the 2 risk that he would not insurer would be a risk when a person has 1)high auto insurance claims or a person has a bad driving record . 2) Commercial autos These two risks would be declined and not insured by the standard auto insurance (Personal lines ) underwriters.

Yes. All cars on the road have to be insured. If you have a learners permit, then you need to be driving with someone who does have their license and is insured.

you have to have a car for getting a car insurance No, you can be driving your parents car & be on their policy, therefore you are still insured

Yes you are covered on a family members car insurance if you are driving a vehicle owned and insured by them.....

Absolutely not, your liability insurance does not cover the costs associated with willful criminal acts of the insured.

not if you are personally insured to drive that vehicle on your own policy

The VEHICLE that you are driving must be properly insured.

The un-insured driver will have to turn to their health insurance company for coverage if he carried no auto insurance.

General insurance is a way to get benefit in the future for insured things. General insurance is quite different from life insurance, therefore, it is also called as non-life insurance. Things like car, vehicles and property like home can be insured. Personal insurance also comes in general insurance. Personal insurance includes health insurance, accident insurance etc. - Ruchi Trivedi. SEO Executive. (P & K infocom Pvt. Ltd., ahmedabad)

you could get fined up to 200 to 300 pounds for not having the insured vehicle in your name or maybe it even can get impounded.

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