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It is possible to get a ticket without being pulled over. Oftentimes, traffic lights are rigged up with cameras that take pictures of cars that run red lights. The tickets are then matched up with the license plates, and owners receive their tickets in the mail.


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Yeah, if you didn't have your seatbelt on and you get another ticket if your pulled over too long.

How much does the ticket come out to be in being pulled over for making an imcomplete stop.

0 points its not a moving violation or grounds for being pulled over, most people get the ticket after being pulled over for other reasons, or while parked in a parking lot... Its just to make the state money & paying the ticket will not affect insurance rates

Yes, I just got pulled over for not wearing seat belt and and cited a ticket for that!!

you get a major ticket and your bike gets impounded. but if your a good rider cops are respectful to motorcyclists

You COULD be pulled over for 1, because it is a LIMIT, but usually you won't get pulled over for less than 3 since the radar detector has a margin of error, of +/-1 mph but anything over 5 you most probably will get pulled over. Retired NYPD anything 5 or over you will definitely get pulled over, even possibly a ticket.

Ulysses S. Grant. He was pulled over for riding his horse too fast. When he was pulled over, the police officer was resistant to giving him a ticket (because he was the President), but Grant insisted that no one was above the law and ended up receiving a $20 speeding ticket.

You will likely get a traffic ticket, with a hefty fine.

well i just got a ticket for 1500$. they don't seem to discriminate.

they put it on your record for the next 12 months and if you get pulled over again you get a ticket since you already got an warning

Yes, you can get pulled over in California for window tint, but only for your two front windows. The legal limit for your two front windows is 70%. You can go as dark as you want on your back windows without being pulled over.

Until the statute of limitations applicable in that jurisdiction expires, a suspect may be charged.

If you get pulled over with no tag on your vehicle, the police officer will give you a ticket and impound your car. The fines could cost hundreds of dollars.

If you get pulled over by a cop then they can impound your car and get a ticket.

If you drive your car without a catalytic converter, you can be pulled over and given a ticket. You cannot drive your car with a lot of noise, it's considered a violation of the noise ordinance.

about 937 people get pulled over and get a ticket from text and that isnt really alot

It is when you can be pulled over solely for not wearing a seatbelt. Most states, however, have secondary laws in which you cannot be pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt but can still get a ticket for not wearing one if you are pulled over for something else.

This is no different than getting pulled over with a driver permit. You will get a ticket and possibly points put on your license.

Well i might get this wrong but it was a freeway wasn't it? So she wont be pulled over..? TRUE

It all depends on the jurisdiction. However in most areas it is a secondary offense, that is you will get a ticket for it along with the original ticket/reason you were pulled over for.

no, theres no records of anything happening, so you are ok

yes if you were caught by a traffic camera or a police officer who was not in a vehicle was able to get your plate number and wrote the ticket.

you should have received a ticket if pulled over, or you will receive on in the mail if there were cameras.

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