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Can you get a vulpix in soul silver?

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Yes you can but only in soul silver not in heart gold.

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Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

you need to give vulpix a fire stone

you can catch it at the bottom entrance to ecruteak

you can get vulpix in Soul Silver and you can get growlithe in heart gold, i dont know the rest but i will check

heartgold but you can get vulpix in soulsilver

soz mate you can oly get it in soul silver

You can't catch vulpix in Heart Gold, though you can catch it in Soul Silver. On the small route 37, Below Ecruteak City, you can find: ~Heart Gold = growlithe ~Soul Silver = vulpix (they both evolve using a fire stone)

Okay, you need to use a fire stone on it, but remember this carefully: It will only work on a female Vulpix, not a male Vulpix.

You cant. Sorry. But if you get Soul Silver and go to wear you go for growlithe in Heart Gold You can get vulpix.

Vulpix is actually exclusive to Pokemon Soul Silver. I will put a link to the list of locations in the related links.

In soul silver, it's a vulpix. You use a cheat to get it from a cop.

It is in Route 36, 37, 7, and 8. SoulSilver only.

Vulpix cannot evolve by leveling up. You will need a firestone so that it can evolve to become Ninetales.

I think it is only growlithe,vulpix,and eevee

You can't get a growlithe in Soul Silver. You must trade it from a Heart Gold or other Pokemon game. Vulpix can be found in Soul Silver but not in Heart Gold.

In the grass. evolve a vulpix (in the grass) as nine tails are not found wild

Vulpix is th foxlike Pokemon with 6 tails.

In Soul Silver it evolves vulpix and in Heart Gold it evolves grow lithe.

Any time you like, as long as you use a fire stone!

you cant he's only in heart gold vulpix is there instead of growlithe

you cant you have to trade from heartgold cause HG has growlithe and SS has vulpix :D

in Pokemon soul silver catch it in route 36, route 37, and route 48. (Note that i don't know if it is the same for silver)

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