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Can you get adult onset asthma from inhaling airbag fumes?

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There is no actual cause of Asthma except that its usually inheretied. Inhaling fumes of any kind on a long term bacis can not be good for you.

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What treatments are there for asthma?

Smoking, Drinking and inhaling car fumes

Can inhaling the fumes from deodorant kill you?


What can Inhaling gas fumes cause?


Can inhaling gas fumes kill you?

It depends on what type of gas it is. Fumes from the gas in automobiles will not kill you.

What are the dangers from inhaling floor refinishing epoxy fumes?

u will die

How does car fumes affect asthma?

it affects lungs

Is inhaling moth ball fumes dangerous to people?

Mothballs fumes can indeed be dangerous. They give off toxic fumes which can lead to difficulty breathing, nausea, and dizziness.

What are the Effects of inhaling car fumes?

Dodgy to say the least! Carbon Monoxide in the fumes is the main poison. It will kill you very quickly!

What are the dangers of inhaling ammonia fumes?

what!?! there are dangers?? now u tell me. fml

What are Side effects of inhaling toxic spray paint fumes?

A perma-boner

What are the side effects to inhaling gasoline fumes?

destructive in first to youre loungs

What are the harmful effects from inhaling plastic fumes?

Dioxin poisoning. Cancer from plastic fibers.

Why is inhaling aerosol fumes and chemicals hazardous to a person?

bad for lungs and damages the brain.

Can inhaling toxic fumes cause liver damage?

Possibly, depending on the toxins inhaled.

Can inhaling plastic fumes cause brain damage?

Chronically inhaling the fumes from the production/creation of plastics, or the burning of plastics, could cause damage to the body and brain. However, a one-time incident likely would not cause brain damage. The bigger riskwith fumes from plastic (creation or burning) is respiratory irritation or damage.

What is triggers asthma?

pollen, dust, fumes, running (short of breath) etc.

What are the possible side effects of inhaling paint fumes?

inhaling paint fumes kills brain cells which leads to many problems such as memory loss. It also displaces oxygen and leads you to a false feeling of well-being just before you DIE of lack of oxygen to the brain.

What are the dangers of a two-year-old inhaling latex paint fumes?

If you mean latex paint, none. Latex is a water based paint and has no toxic fumes.

What kind of health effects does car and vehicle pollution cause?

The fumes can cause asthma.

Can you get sick from inhaling fumes from rotten meat?

yes. If you had to clear out a freezer full of several weeks old putrid chick

What is Huffing and puffing?

this is inhaling fumes of things such as white out, sharpies, paint, aerosal (spelling right?) and other things. to get high.

Does inhaling smoke oil fumes make you fat?

no but it will give you lung diseases, possibly cancer, brain damage, etc.

Are the fumes of Bi Carb mixed with vinegar harmful?

A mixture of sodium ethanoate, water and cardon dioxide is going to be produced. Carbon dioxide can be harmful so I'd recommend not inhaling the fumes produced

You cannot stop inhaling rubbing alcohol you crave it all the time what is wrong with me?

You have an addiction. I would talk to your health care professional if I were you. Inhaling alcohol and other things with strong fumes will harm you and too much can kill you.

I inhaled plastic fumes while putting out a small fire me and my friends came across. can the effects of the fumes have a long time effect on my health?

Short term exposure to inhaling plastic fumes will not cause negative effects on a person's health. If the fumes are inhaled over long periods of time a medical evaluation should be done.