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Q: Can you get aids from dried up semen on clothes then rub the clothes on an open wound?
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Could you get aids if semen from someone else get contact with a cut wound?


Is aids spread through touching of dry semen?

No. The virus is no longer active after it has fully dried.

Can you get AIDS from you own semen if you had a cut wound and it landed on there by accident?

You'd have to have already had AIDS or a HIV... so technically you're immune from yourself.

Does swallowing semen with a one day cut in your mouth get you infected with AIDS?

Yes, if the semen is infected with the aids virus.

Can you get aids by sharing cigarettes?

Aids is spread by blood or semen.

If your own sperm enters a wound will you get aids?

Only if you had aids....and if you had them already, then getting it into a wound wouldn't matter anyway.

Can you get AIDS from eating your own semen?

First off, not to be mean or anything, but why would you want to eat your own semen? Secondly if you already have AIDS then your semen has aids as well. AIDS is transfered through semen, as well as other stuff. Please, always use a condom.But, just to be clear about the answer to your question, you can not get any disease from your semen if you don't already have the disease. if you do not have AIDS your semen can't give it to you.AnswerYou do not get AIDS. Aids is the intensity level of a HIV infection. AIDS is the point of HIV when your body's viral level is so high that it cannot successfully fight off any infections without strong medical help. In regards to your own semen. If you have hiv, it's in your semen as well.AnswerYour semen came from your body and it only contains things which are already present in your own body. If you don't have AIDs then your semen cannot contain anything extra that will 'give it' to you. If you do already have AIDs then you can't get an extra dose of it from eating your own semen. If you want to eat your own semen if is much safer than eating someone else's and there is no logical reason why you shouldn't do it, if you wish to.

Can you get aids from licking dried blood?

uh... what the malediction? you need aids if you lick other people's dried blood.

Can you get aids from fingering a girl?

Theoretically yes, if you have an open wound on your finger and she has AIDS and an open wound/menstruating. Or if you lick your finger afterwards.

Can you get HIV or AIDS from swallowing your own semen?


Can you get aids from cheese?

No. AIDS is transmitted by human body fluids, such as blood, semen, etc.

Can you have aids if you have intercourse with a person with aids and without a condom?

Yes you can catch AIDs from either blood or semen of an infected person.

Causes of AIDS?

you can only get AIDS through blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal secretions.

Can getting semen into your anus give you AIDS?

If the person or person's who deposit the semen are HIV positive, absolutely.

Can you get AIDS from semen in a hand dryer?

No. Infected semen that gets into your bloodstream can cause AIDS, but not otherwise. Also, the HIV is very weak really and does not survive long outside the body.

How you get disease of aids?

through the exchange of bodily fluids (semen, blood, vaginal discharge, etc) from a person who is HIV/AIDS positive. This can be done through sexual intercourse, the fluids can enter the body through an open wound or sore or any open orifice that leads into the body.

Why are Band-Aids so important?

Band-aids are very important because they help prevent the wound from becoming infected. Band-aids cover the wound which is the most important thing. Not only do they cover the wound, but they also let out chemicals usually. Also band-aids are popular because they cover up the blood.

Can you get aids from your own semen?

your question doesn't make any sense. if your semen is capable of infecting others with HIV, then you already have it.....and why are you ingesting your own semen?

Can aids be transmitted from spit in eyes?

No, it is a sexually transmitted disease. Blood or Semen in your eye can give you aids

Can a semen sample show if a person has AIDs?

maybe yes..

How do band-aids help us today?

They cover the wound, preventing dirt from infecting the wound.

Can you get aids from dried pre-ejaculate?

yes u can u can get aids with anykind of cum.

Can a man get aids if he gets other mans semen in his butt?

Yes, assuming the person is infected with the AIDS virus.

Can open mouth kiss cause aids?

No it can't, Aids can only be passed through by exchanging blood or semen.

What ammount of blod or semen is needed to transmit aids?

Very little.