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Can you get an STD from a virgin?

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The word "virgin" is not a medical term, and is not very descriptive. The real question is what kind of intimate contact can spread STDs. Since some STDs spread by skin-to-skin contact, a person who has not had vaginal sex can carry an STD like herpes, genital warts/HPV, syphilis, molluscum, and pubic lice.
Yes...they may still be virgins but may have performed oral sex at some point or another on multiple partners

Yes, HiV can be transfered from the mother and as for infections theres also e-coli which is from many things. E-coli causes regular appearances of Cystitis, also agree with the point made above. You should always get checked out or use a condom, Genital Herpes is also one which you cant protect yourself from and they can be contracted in many different ways, including oral sex

Gonorrhea is another disease that can be contracted by giving or receiving oral sex (between any two or more people of either sex). Since some girls still consider themselves virgins after oral sex, you have to be sure of what those other girls think the definition of "virgin" is.

I'd like to get away from the doom and gloom posts above and congratulate you on being responsible enough for your own health to ask the question in the first place. Well done! As others have pointed out, it depends on the girl's definition of virginity. I'd also like to point out that you are relying on her sense of honesty as well!

If you and your fella are intimate enough to have had the 'previous partners' talk and are far enough into your relationship to be thinking about not using condoms any more (you'll need another method of Birth Control) then you are obviously close enough for you to suggest that you both get tested for STIs. Go to the clinic together.

If, however, your man is trying to persuade you to forego the condoms, because he 'knows' he's clean because his previous partners were all virgins, and won't go to get tested because it's pointless, it's not good. He's trying to bully and manipulate you. It will be really tempting to give in so you can prove to him how much you love and trust him, but, please, ask yourself this question; if he loved and trusted you he'd get himself tested, wouldn't he?

Until you both get tested, use condoms. After your tests come back clear, use a different form of birth control and have lots and lots of fun x

Remember to concider the point that men and women do stray so, unless you trust each other 100% and are willing to take the risks involved if s/he does stray and doesnt use a condom, it would be best to carry on using them. I myself have the same agreement with my boyfriends and have only had 1 stray and ended up with a STI which was LUCKILY treatable...
A person whom has not had sexual intercourse can in fact transmit an STD if the person is infected. Many times STDs are passed down from a person's parents. If the subject is not infected they cannot spread the disease unless they become infected with an STD.
Sure, a sexually transmitted disease can be transmitted by other means. A man recently contracted an HIV infection from a kidney transplant.

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Did Queen Elizabeth I have an STD?

It wouldn't be possible for her to have one. She never had sex and was known as the Virgin Queen.

What are som myths about STDs?

That having an STD means that you are dirty or promiscious.That having sex with a virgin can cure STDSThat you cannot get an STD during your first experience with sexThat oral and anal sex are ways to avoid STDSThat you can avoid getting an STD if you have sex during your period

Can you get an std if you let your boyfriend put in penis in you but you is still a virgin?

yes if he has had sex then maybe its something you need to clear up!!

How can you tell if a guy is a virigin?

There is no physical way to tell if a male is a virgin, same applies to a female. The only way to tell is if he has goes in for std testing, if he has one you know he most likely is not a virgin.

Why would health authorities say yes to MRI scans on everyone over 40?

because if you have a std(sexually transmitted disease) you cant have it or if your not a virgin you cant have it

Can virgins have stds?

It is possible for a virgin to have an STD if they've come into contact with something that another person with STDs also came into contact with. It is very rare, however.

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Can you transmit sexual diseases with clean people?

Yes, if you have an STD, then it doesn't matter if your having sex with a virgin, or a Hoebo, cuz you are the one with it. But if they dont have an STD, and you dont either, then you are safe, and condoms dont protect against STD's either, but you should wear them so you dont get pregnant.

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Can you get an STD from sharing a pillow?

Pillows do not have STDs.You can not get a STD from a pillow.You can not get a STD from a pillow.

Can you kiss while you have an STD?

no, you can't kiss anyone who have std, if you really have std.

Is haemophilia an STD?

Haemophilus is not a STD.

Is Balanitis an STD?

No, it's not a STD.

Is BPH an STD?

BPH is not a STD.

Is mumps an std?

Mumps is not a STD.

Can you be a policeman if you have an STD?

You can be a cop with a STD.

Is staphyloccocus an std?

Staphylococcus is not a STD.

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Can you get an std from a duck?

You can not get a STD from a duck.

How easy is it to get an STD?

It is easy to get a STD if you have sex with an infected person.It is easy to catch a STD.

Can you fight with an STD?

No you can't fight with a STD.

Do you have an std?

You will need to be tested to know if you have a STD.