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It is very unlikely for someone to have STD without sexual contact. It is possible for a baby to be infected with STD when it's in a woman who currently is infected with the disease and unfortunately it isn't a pretty site. No, because STD, stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, thus it is transmitted through having sex, hence the name, you must have some sort of sex to transmit the disease. You can, however, get a virus that is a std that is transmitted in a way other than sexually, however. HIV and HPV can both be transmitted with out having any kind of sex for example.

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Q: Can you get an STD without having any kind of sex?
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Can you get an STD without having any Sexual Encounters whatsoever?

Highly unlikely to get any STD without sexual contact.

Can a male have an STD without having symptoms?

Yes, a man can have any sexually transmitted disease without having symptoms.Yes that is possible.Men can be carriers of STDs.

Can a new partner get STD from you when there are no signs?

Yes they can. You can carry an STD long before you show any symptoms of having it.

Which STD can you have without knowing it?

You can have any sexually transmitted disease without knowing it.

Do STDs often cause no apparent symptoms?

A person can have any of the sexually transmitted diseases without having symptoms. This lack of symptoms is particularly common in women, but both men and women can have any STD without symptoms.

What is STD-free?

Someone who doesn't have any diseases that are passed on by having sex.

What if cow?

the probing of a cow to see if it has crabs or any kind of STD

Does sperm leave the body naturally without having any kind of sexual activity?

yes it is called having 'wet dreams'

Are STDs communicable or non-communicable?

STD's are communicable. communicable means that you can catch it from someone else. you can catch an STD from any kind of sexual contact with another person. Non communicable is a disease that develops in a person without having been infected from someone else - examples include cancer, diabetes, parkinsons, alzheimers, dementia.

Fable 2 how to have a child?

Unprotected marital sex without any STD's.

Do you get a std before hiv?

You can get HIV without getting any other STD. HIV and other STDs have the same risk factors.

What do you ask your doctor about having kids after being treated for any STDs?

Say, "Doctor, will my having an STD affect my ability to have children?"

Can sperm with HIV go through blood clot?

If you have ANY kind of unprotected sexual intercourse with someone that has any kind of std or aids you will get infected

What type of std causes some kind of a growth inside the foreskin of the penis?

It could be a a simple yeast infection or it could be a more serious bacterial STD. As with any STD, you should consult a physician immediately and avoid any sexual activity.

How can you treat an STD without a prescription?

The pill? I hope you are not talking about the birth control pill because that doesn't cure any STDs. There is no other way to get rid of an STD then without medicine prescribed by a doctor.

Can you have an std without being sexually active?

Then it is next to impossible to catch S.T.D. without being active sexually.It would be almost impossible to contract any STDs without being sexually active.No, the only ways to get an STD is by being sexually active. They however can be caused by cold sores from kissing someone, or obviously having unprotected sex.Other causes can be from having oral sex or anal, if you believe you might have an STD for example pimples on a penis, but you have not had sex then it's probably not an STD as pimples are natural anywhere. However if you are still very unsure then you should check with your doctor.

What activities before donating blood would cause facility to deny you?

Taking mostly any kind of drugs, having a previous STD, travelling outside your country for a certain period of time

How do gay men get HIV?

Having intercourse with anyone that has the virus. Just like any other STD.

When you are having gay sex are you supposed to use condoms?

well if you want to prevent any STD's i suggest you do.

Why does an STD increase the risk of getting HIV?

Because having a STI (or STD) compromises the immune system, an infected persons chances are increased for any type of infection, including HIV.

What kind of STD is like a yeast infection?

Any STD that causes vaginal irritation or itching may be mistaken by a patient for a yeast infection. These STDs may include trichomoniasis or herpes.

What happens when a STD is not treated?

there are several things that could happan if you ignor an std,firstly you could become ill ,even without any symptoms and secondly your body could get worse

What kind of social media can you post to without having an account?

I dont think you are going to get any social media sites where you can post without any account. Social media means users and to be a user you need an account.

Can you still get std's and hiv with uncircumcised penises?

You can get any form of std with any unprotected penis.

Can an STD affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

An STD does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. The negative or positive result will come out the same with or without an STD.An STD will not effect the results of a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test detects a growth hormone released by a woman's body to help the fetus begin to grow. An STD would not interfere with that hormone, or release any hormones of its own to alter a pregnancy test in any way.