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Can you get any dental discounts without insurance?

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2008-08-06 06:23:21

Dental care is very important to keep our body healthy. Even

though Dental care is becoming very hard to afford due to the

increase in the cost. This stresses the need to have dental plans,

that provide a sign of relief from the cost. Many Americans put off

taking care of their teeth until they are in pain. I know I'm

guilty. When I was young I put off fixing my teeth because I didn't

have the money. I waited until I was hurting, by that time the

problems were a lot bigger, more expensive and left flaws in my

smile. Research, find the best one for your family and/or yourself.

I found mine. THE ONLY THING I CAN SUGGEST (other than finding a

free or low cost medical/ dental insurance plan for low income or

disabled individuals,) is to find a TEACHING HOSPITAL in your area

that has a DENTAL PROGRAM. Graduate students of Dentistry work

under an experienced Dentist Professor, and may do free, or

discount dental procedures. When I was young and broke, I went to a

hospital connected with a University and got great discounts on my

fillings, cleanings and exams.

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