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Can you get arrested for doing a stop payment on a post dated check for a payday loan company?



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Answer 1

No but they'll turn it over to collection and sock you with a HUGH collection fee. And of course you'll never be able to use their services (or any other payday loan places for that matter. They all keep in touch with each other for that very reason) again.

Answer 2

In Texas, if one stops payment of a check to anyone, the person to who the check was presented can go to the localDistrict Attorney's office, file a criminal complaint, and after an investigation, the DA can file criminal charges against the person who presented and stopped the check.

Such charges usually don't involve an arrest, UNLESS the actor fails to properly respond to a Summons which will be issued. I'm not positive, but I think the Texas statute and charge is something about theft of services by conversion.

Anyway, stopping a check to anyone can result in a lot trouble, unless you can legally justify it. j3h.