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Hydrogel butt and breast Injections kits for sale


The Price list is as follow

$600 for 250 CC (125cc for each cheek)

$1200 for 500CC (250cc for each cheek)

$1800 for 750CC (375cc for each cheek)

The price for 1000ml (20 x 50ml) is USD $2500 including shipping cost.

Hydrogel can increase or change the size of these areas:

1. Upper buttock

2. Middle buttock

3. Lower buttock

4. Hip expansion

5. Outer thighs

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Q: Can you get breast implants free of charge on the NHS and if so how?
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What size breast implants do they offer on the nhs?

Breast augmentation can be performed on the NHS only when there is some valid medical reason to justify it, such as an obvious size difference in the breasts or the patient is able to demonstrate that having small breasts is causing psychological problems. The NHS will not perform breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons alone. What size of implants will be offered to a patient is dealt with on a case-by-case basis and there is no general rule about the size of implants on offer.

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For someone to qualify for free breast reduction you should contact the NHS. The NHS only provide this service if your condition is causing you pain or illness.

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Only by exeption by clause 237 commenwealth law, medical exeptions paragraf 29b and clause 9031 paragraf 1a3 NHS services.

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Nhs and chemists

Huge lump in your breast and been told that the nhs will remove it as you are not happy will they put inplants in your breast if you ask them to?

Yes, but it will delay surgery as they have to get the PCT to aprove funding for the implant ( £1000+) Get it all moving quickly, as you want the lump out. But...........seriously think long and hard about implants. I had them done and have had very bad health since. Bed ridden somedays :(

Do you not think that the NHS should pay for cosmetic surgery?

I think that there are lots of examples of plastic surgery that the NHS should pay for - for example removal of moles that may become cancerous, breast implants for women who have lost theirs to cancer, labiaplasty for people who have long labia that cause pain, skin grafts for people who have been burned, surgery for people who have been involved in accidents. When it is a health benefit it is important for NHS to support plastic surgery, it's when it is purely about a person wanting to change how they look for vanity sake that NHS shouldn't pay.

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Breast enlargement on NHS is not highly available, however there are long waiting lists and exceptions when NHS pay for BA, before you get on the waiting list they will send you to the psychiatric assessment to see if your problem affects your state of mind and everyday life. They will ask a lot of personal straight forward questions to see your true reasons.

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Yes you can,you can pick a range of colours and its free!

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The NHS is the National Health Service which provides free health care (to some extent) to all British Citizens.

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If you need blood it is free on the NHS.

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It costs the NHS a qurater of a million each time someone is treated

Where can one get breast cancer online help in the UK?

Breast cancer online help in the UK can be found on the NHS website. Other websites that offer help include Breast Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK.

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It can be done on the NHS free if necessary.

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NHS care is free at the point of delivery to all legal permanent residents, so YES.

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Because children are not able to earn salaries they must be subsidised by the adults, who pay for the NHS through taxation from the money they earn.

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Free health care to the people of England. The NHS since Atlee's Government after WW2 is funded by the treasury and the taxes that people pay.

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They are free with NHS and im not sure but I think they are free at your GP too :)

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