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Yes you can, but it is a decision that should be considered very carefully. In most cases, it is not a necessary procedure, and there are many things that could go wrong.

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What age can you be circumcised?

A person can be circumcised at any age.

What age you can circumcised?

Any age!

Can you get circumcised at 40?

You can amputate any piece of the anatomy at any age however it is never advisablr to be circumcised .

Can you get circumised at the age of thirtyeight?

You can get circumcised at any age, if you want.

Can you be circumsized when your18?

You can be circumcised at any age.

Can a 30 year old have circumcision?

Yes, you can get circumcised at any age.

When was Abraham circumcised?

Abraham was circumcised at the age of 99.

Can a 20 old get circumcised?

You can get circumcised at any age, however it is not covered by most health insurance providers so you would have to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Can you get circumcised at age 21?


Are Mormon boys circumcised?

There is no compunction for any christian to be circumcised.

Your little boy need circumcised but he is only 7?

There is no need to circumcise a healthy person at any age.

Can a 14 year old get circumcised?

It's possible. You can amputate just about any appendage of the body at any age including the foreskin.

What religion do boys get circumcised at age 13?

Muslim boys are circumcised anywhere between age 6 and 13, depending on the family and where they live.

Can you get circumcised when you are 12?

You can be circumcised at any age. keep in mind though that there is no medically sound reason for mutilating your penis in this way, and any reputable doctor will explain the reason why a man has a foreskin and its importance to his health and the quality of his sexual pleasure.

At what age are children of the masai circumcised?


Can you get circumcised at the age of 18?

Yes, and you don't need parental consent!Yes you can be circumcised at any age however have a look at the related link below ( Medical Studies on Circumcision )before you make a decision to have yourself done. after that you only have yourself to blame.

Has a man ever been circumcised at an older age?

Yes. men have been circumcised at all ages.

Does British guys need to get circumcised?

No there is no reason why any one should be circumcised.

How old are you when you get circumcised?

People who get circumcised for religious or traditional reasons usually get it done when they are really young babies. Cicrumcision b/c of medical reasons(rare, but it does happen) or personal choice can be at any age.

Can adults be circumcised?

Yes, circumcision has NO age limit.

What is the right age to get your penis circumcised?

You can have it done at birth.

Did freemasons usually have their infant sons circumcised?

I did, I had all my sons circumcised. My father did not have his son circumcised. (Me) I had to have it done myself.

Can you be circumcised at any age?

You can get circumcised at any age however The older you are the more likely you are to remember the pain of having it done to yous and there is no reason why a person would go through a religious ritual like circumcision except to become Jewish. The Muslims do it but there is no religious commandment for them to undergo this form of mutilation aside from aping Mohammad who some one suggested was was born circumcised. there is however no evidence that he was and no reason for anyone to think so either. getting circumcised as an infant can bring on post traumatic stress syndrome which may lead to serious mental and health problems.

Are Catholics usually circumcised?

No. Catholicism is against religious circumcision, so not many, if any, Catholics are circumcised.

At what age does your penis get circumcised?

Mine was never circumcised, however if it is done it is often inflicted on children on day 2 of their lives or if they are Jewish on day 8 but it can be done at any time. It is interesting to note however that the vast majority of circumcisions are done to children. they have no choice in the matter. less then 20% of the worlds men are circumcised