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Your daughter is no longer a minor so custody or child support is no longer an issue unless the courts have adjusted this in their recommendations, such as: You have to pay child support for your daughter's education. Then you must! As you know education doesn't come cheap so most women can't afford to pay for their kids education. I suggest you see a lawyer and go over the conditions that were met when you divorced. If your daughter is working or her boyfriend is working and all you need to do is pay for her education you may just be able to squeak out of it. In addition never, ever arbitrarily cease court order child support payments. A person taking such action can face a contempt citation which can further complicate the issue. It should also be noted that the age of 18 is not necessarily the legal age of majority or the age that was stipulated in the original support agreement. Four states have a higher age of majority than 18, in Alabama and Nebraska the age is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21.

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Q: Can you get custody of your 18-year-old daughter if she is a senior in high school and lives with her boyfriend and if not do you have to continue to pay child support and who do you need to pay?
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How can a mother get full custody of your daughter?

A mother of a son or daughter who is not caring properly for their child may get custody of the child. This would be determined by a judge when the parent is not fit to continue to parent.

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Can a parent give the custody of a thirteen year old to her daughter's boyfriend?

No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.No. The courts would not grant custody to the boyfriend. In fact, the courts may commence an investigation for child endangerment and neglect.

Can you get custody of your daughter when you are 15 years old?

no, My daughter had a baby at fifteen and I Had custody until she turned 18.

Does Josh Elliott of Good Morning America have custody of his daughter?

No. His wife Priya Narang had Primary custody of their daughter.

Can you have custody of your boyfriends daughter?

no no

Does brandy have custody of her daughter?


In Tennessee can your boyfriend or his parents take custody of you?

Boyfriend has no standing in the court

If a mother puts a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend and then the father gets custody of the daughter is the restarining order still active on the boyfriend?

Yes. Switching guardians has nothing to do with the restraining order. It will remain there until it is cancelled.

Can your boyfriend get legal custody from your parents if he is 19 and you are 16?

np ****** No judge in the US is going to grant legal custody of a minor to their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The mother of my daughter won't let me see my daughter what can I do to change this?

Take her to court. File for custody or joint custody or visitation rights.

Does Eminem have custody of his daughter?


If your boyfriend who is the father of your daughter is threatening to take her and not give her back what are your rights?

Unless their is custody involved the girl's father is able to take her and not give her back. If their is custody involved and he takes the girl and won't give her back then that would be considered kidnapping.

Do you still have to pay child support to your 17 year old daughter who lives with her boyfriend?

Yes, to the limits on your state, but you can file for custody or to have her emancipated. see links below

If you had gave custody of your daughter to your parents now you seeking custody back do her father regain his custody also?

yes he should do

Does amber portwood still have custody of Leah?

No, her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley has full custody of her.

Your ex husband and you got custody of your step daughter from dhr the mothers parental rights were not terminated how can you get custody of this child?

file for custody

My 17 year old daughter moved in with my EX mother-in-law. Do I have to pay child support to my ex mother-in-law even tho she did this without my consent. We live in Michigan. how do i avoid this.?

For 1) are you in custody of your daughter? If you are in full custody you could take her to court for kidnapping is your EX mother in law in custody of your daughter? Do you have joint custody? If your ex mother in law has no custody over your daughter you could take her to court, she is not authorized to take care of your child.

Ex-boyfriend lied to a judge and the judge gave him temporary custody?

I assume that the "ex-boyfriend" is also the father of the child. If you believe that he lied to gain custody, you can file a motion/petition for a custody re-hearing and be prepared to demonstrate that he lied, and that you are a 'fit' mother to have custody of the child.

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If a mother has sole custody of her 16-year-old daughter but lives in Penn can the mother give the daughter permision to date a 20-year-old male if the daughter lives with her father in Illinois?

Why is Daughter living with Father if Mom has custody? I'm wondering why Dad hasn't already petitioned the court for custody. He certainly can do that, and since Daughter is already living with him anyway, he'll likely get it. Basically as long as Daughter lives in Dad's house, he can set any rules he wants to--including the rule of not dating adults. If Daughter refuses to follow Dad's rules, she may find herself being sent back to live with Mom in PA--which would be a long way from Boyfriend.

Your boyfriend pushed you once a while back. You broke up with him after but you recently reconnected and are engaged. He knows what he did wrong. Your ex now thinks he can take your daughter can he?

Who was awarded custody of the child? If he wants custody of the child, he will have to take that to court. He legally can't just take the child, unless there is joint custody or some other agreement in place.

Your ex-boyfriend cannot afford to care for our daughter should something happen to me. Would he have to sign over parental rights if I do not want him to get custody of her if I were to die?

Yes, I would think so.

Who has custody of brandy norwood's baby?

Brandy and her Ex husband share custody of their daughter and are on good terms.

Can you go on vacation out of the country with your daughter if you have full custody?

yes if you have full custody you dont have to consult your ex.