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No, you can't get Diabetes from drinking blood. But you can get HIV, Hepatitis C, B, A, and numerous other nasty diseases. Not a good idea.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-22 18:15:37
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Q: Can you get diabetes from drinking blood?
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Does having diabetes affect the results of a blood alcohol test?

No, but drinking alcohol will definitely affect the progress of your diabetes -- for the worse.

Can diabetes affect the urine alcohol test?

No, but drinking will certainly affect your diabetes by disrupting your liver enzymes and the production of glucagon and insulin by the pancreas, making it difficult to control your blood sugar even with insulin injections. It can also lead to pancreatic cancer. Drinking with diabetes is slow suicide.

What are type 2 diabetes?

one type of diabetes is when you constantly keep eating or drinking. the other is when you have to eat sugary foods every hour to keep your blood going round

Drinking a lot of water but urinating normally Diabetes?

Excessive thirst can be a sign of Diabetes. Not everyone will exhibit all the symptoms though, excessive thirst may be the only symptom you get. A simple blood test can check for Diabetes.

Can you get diabetes from consuming the blood of someone with diabetes?


Can you get diabetes from a person who has diabetes by blood contact?


Can you get diabetes from drinking alcohol?

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause diabetes and other diseases.

Can low blood sugars lead to diabetes?

yes blood sugar can lead to diabetes

Will drinking vinegar prevent diabetes?

Absolutely not.

Will drinking water affect your diabetes test?


Do aloe vera juice have benefits for diabetes and blood pressure?

Aloe vera juice has benefits to reduce inflammation. Inflammation has been shown to exacerbate diabetes and blood pressure. Drinking the juice is not a solve-all solution, but rather just another way to help the conditions.

How is gestational diabetes diagnosed?

Screening for gestational diabetes involves the pregnant woman drinking a special solution that contains exactly 50 grams of glucose. An hour later, the woman's blood is drawn and tested for its glucose level.

Has Diabetes all ways been diabetes?

Diabetes can also been called as diabetes mellitus, high blood sugar, high blood glucose, hyper glucose and hyper sugar.

What does diabetes have to do with blood sugar?

Diabetes is a disease that affects a lot of people, its basically when your blood sugar is too high. ,

How does soda affect diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure?

how does soda to have diabetes and high blood presure

Why can diabetes lead to heart problems?

Well because diabetes has to do with the blood, and because your heart is what pumps blood.

Can you take theraflu with diabetes and high blood pressure?

no you can not take theraflu if you have high blood pressure and diabetes.

Can you get diabetes if you have a high blood pressure?

yes it can be LOW diabetes

Would drinking blood violate vegetarianism?

Drinking animal blood is vegetarianism but drinking human blood would violate it for vampires.

How can you tell if you have diabetes?

you might have diabetes if you are excessively drinking water and not hungry and if you lose a lot of weight for no reason

Would drinking alcohol be bad when you have diabetes?


What are some quick diabetes recipes?

Diabetes is not something that is cooked. Diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose levels are hypertonic (high levels of glucose to blood ratio). Sufferers of diabetes often use insulin shots to regulate their blood sugar levels.

When a person's blood pressure is high or low is that considered diabetes?

No, blood pressure is not a determining factor for a diagnosis of Diabetes. Instead, high or low blood sugar (glucose) is a determining factor for Diabetes. However, it is true that Diabetes can lead to heart disease.

Will drinking alcohol lower my blood pressure?

No, drinking alcohol will not lower your blood pressure. In fact drinking alcohol will increase your blood pressure.

What tests are done in diagnosing diabetes?

Most doctors use a form of a blood glucose test, such as a fasting blood glucose test or an oral blood glucose test, to look for the symptoms of diabetes or pre-diabetes.