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you get mx bikes which is mountain cross an American expression for 4x.

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Q: Can you get dirt jump bikes on downhill domination ps2?
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What are some of the hottest cycling trends today?

Fixed-speed bikes, track bikes, bmx, downhill, 4x, jump bikes, timetrial

Is the dmr swarm stem meant for bmx's?

no bmx bikes hndelbars are 22.2 mm and mtb dirt jump are 25.4 mm. the dmr swarm stem is ment for mtb dirt jump bikes (25.4)

Are mountain bikes for dirt ramps?

not all are. if you want to do dirt jumping i recommend you do not use a normal mountain bike. get a proper dirt jump bike. i used a felt q520 xc bike to dirt jump and the forks broke and i took it in and the mechanic said i had damaged the frame and it was close to snapping.

Are downhill bikes too heavy to jump on?

DH bikes are regularly jumped on during DH runs, for which they work just fine. But if you want to do jumps on the flat you'll have to work really hard to get a heavy DH bike up to speed.

Do jump bikes have gears?


How do you make a dirt bike jump?

get some dirt and make a jump

How did dirt bikes get better in 1990?

They started making lighter bikes. Plastic fuel tanks lightweight frames better shock technology. Also a guy named Jeremy McGraph really jump started MX racing.

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a dirt bike?

A motorcylce is a vehicle that is street legal and you can drive on public roads and high ways. A dirt bike is an off-road vehicle used for recreational purposes and/or racing. -tlb Also has the above you do get the trail bikes that have been stripped down for off road use like the old Dt's but to be sure it is not an old trail bike acting as a dirt bike, A proper dirt bike have plastic petrol tanks not metal and the frames are made out of alloy not tubular steel you would need to know this if you were racing your mates on dirt bikes as the dirt bikes can withstand the jumps as the pretend dirt bikes will do the jump bit, but on landing will do considerable damage to the frame which would make it unsafe and dangerous for you and the bike

What are some benefits of having jump bikes?

Some benefits of having jump bikes are that jump bikes are more capable of navigating through rougher mountain terrain, and being able to add several additions to one's bike like a pro hydraulic gyro.

What kind of bikes can jump on?

I don't know. Do you agree

Does a ball jump higher on grass or on dirt?

a ball can't jump

How was bmx invented?

it started with kids racing bikes and started to race on dirt tracks. Then the sport got more serious and started to do tricks like bunny hops or a tail whip off a jump.

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