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What do snails stay in?

Snails can live in fish tanks and tanks

Where do goldfishes live?

In fish tanks/Fish bowls.

Do fish that live in tanks get cold in winter?

no because the tanks are usually heated

Can lizards live in fish tanks?


How long do fish live in fish tanks?

Depends on what type of fish it is. Some fish can live up to 20 years!!!!

Can any fish live in a fish hotel tank?

maybe there might be some hotels that have fish tanks

Can you put mud snails in fish tanks?

no. they live in mud.

Can clams live in fish tanks?

for sure fresh water clams.

What are the blue rocks in fish tanks called?

Aquarium live rock.

Can goldfish live in tropical tanks?

Yes they can but if you have other fish in there that are smaller the gold fish might eat it.

When were fish tanks discovered?

Fish tanks were not 'discovered' they were invented.

Does a garr fish live in brackish water?

they can be dripped into brackish water tanks

Where do protozoa usually live?

They live mostly on land; unlike algae which cloud fish tanks and ponds. :)

What does a betta fish look like?

A betta fish can be any color. They live in unfiltered tanks. They are really cute.

Can frogs live in fish tanks?

They should never be kept with fish because they poison the water by pooing and piddling in there.

Is a marine fish tanks different to tropical fish tanks?

yes it is

How long do clown fish live for?

Clown-Fish can live for 40 years and above in their natural habitat. They can only live for 4 years and above in aquarium's and tanks.

Which fishes can live with floran fish?

Floran fish can not live with many other types of fish. They are highly aggressive and should be kept in species-specific tanks with their own kind.

What would life be like without tanks?

Your pet fish wouldn't have a place to live

Can jellyfish live in a glass vase?

no they need at least two fish tanks if its for a pet

What fish will clean up your tank and live peacfully with your male betta?

Its not a fish, but try snails. They are super cleaners for tanks.

Why can't stickleback fish live in a fish tank?

Sticklebacks can and do live in aquaria. I used to have them breeding in 2 foot tanks way back in the 1950s in England

Do bearded dragons live in terrarium?

Some beardies do yes. It all depends on their owners, they can live in fish tanks or home made tanks. We call anything a beardie lives in a Vivarium

What environment do sharks like?

they like fish tanks, most likely 1L fish tanks

What are most fish tanks built of?

Most fish tanks are built in plastics because platic does not break easily.Glass people still use now for their fish tanks at home but i rarely see them,because glass fish tanks can break easily although is transparent