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No. Sorry, but that is not a sufficient reason for emancipation.

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Can a child with divorced parents get emancipated in Texas?

Yes but you wont get emancipated just because they are divorced, a judge will decide if you are suitable and can take care of yourself and pay the bills etc.

Can a minor have a roomate while trying to be emancipated?

You still have to stay with your parents until you are emancipated by the court so you wont need one. Once you are emancipated you can have one. If you have moved already with their consent you can have a roommate.

Can a 16 year old be emancipated?

Yes you can you just have to go to court but it cost a lot money to get emancipated I am 17 and wanted to get emancipated but I don't have the money and my parents wont pay for it so I am just going to have to wait another year.

I am an adult and I am in love with my boyfriend however parents wont accept him because he is of different race and culture parents dont know we are together what should we do?

In my opinion you and your boyfriend should sit down and talk to your parents. See if there is anyway they will accept him and show the good qualities that he obtains.

Why can't you have a boyfriend?

i can have a boyfriend. some people arent allowed, though, because they are too young, or their parents do not think they are ready to have one. some parents wont cut the cord, if ya know what im saying. if you arent allowed, and you want a boyfriend, then sit your parents down and tell them why you think youre ready.

What can you do to help your boyfriend if he is in trouble but he wont tell anyone what's wrong?

Help your boyfriend and if you cant than you need to tell his parents even if he doesn't think that is the best choice because you love him.

I am 17 years old i have a baby boy and i am fiance had to move to minnesota.ilive in tn but wont to be emancipated my parents will not let me is there anything i can do?

Having a child does not emancipate a person. You are still a minor and under the control of your parents (unless you have been formally emancipated by the court).

What can i do to get back with your girlfriend but here parents wont let here have a boyfriend?

just ask her parents if you can go out with her..

Can a 16 year old girl leave the province to go live in another province with her 18 year old boyfriend without parental permission but they Canada..lets say Vancouver to Toronto?

You can't go unless you are 18 or older because you are technically a minor. If you parents agree (which I don't think they would) then your boyfriend has to take full responsibility of you and if something happens to you, your boyfriend wont get in trouble (not a lot), your parents will <- which might be the reason why your parents wont let you

Is it wrong if you talk to a boy and you have a boyfriend but that boyfriend won't call?

No, because if your boyfriend wont call then actually he is not really your boyfriend. Try the new boy, he may be better!

How can you break up with your boyfriend if he wont leave?

You gotta move out.. move back in with your parents so he can't move back in with you.

You are to shy to kiss your boyfriend but he isn't why wont he kiss you?

maybe because he think that your not ready

Why do kids have parents?

because with the parents they wont be born. they usally have to be united in a one of a kind.the baby will take parts from both parents

How do you overcome being nervous around your boyfriend?

Be yourself, and dont be nervous because hopefully your boyfriend wont care how you act as long as your yourself:)

Who is romeos enemies from shakespeare?

Juliets parents because they wont let them get married.

Why wont my boyfriend say i love you?

maybe he wont say i love u because that's not how he feels and he doesnt want to lie 2 u

What is the possibility of a minor actually getting emancipated in the state of Virginia?

Depends on the minor. You have to fill the criteria to be emancipated by the court or it wont happen. You can also get married.

Why wont your parents let you talk to your boyfriend ever?

Because there protecting you incase he is dangerous once they get to know him you will be able to talk to him go into town everything.Dont complain though as it makes it worse - Google Managment Team

Why can't you have a cell phone?

in school because its a distraction if you dont have it at home because your parents wont let you

Why does your boyfriend make you go crazy when he wont call you back?

Because you're in love with him and worry and care about him.

Why wont your girlfriend introduce you to her father?

A girlfriend may not want to introduce her boyfriend to her father, because they do not get along. The girl may also be embarrassed of her boyfriend or father.

Well my boyfriend parents want me and my boyfriend to break up and we never meet and they dont want to meet me and they took his phone away and the internat and wont let him see me what should i do?

have you tried talking to your own parents about this? Ask your boyfriends parents what they have against you. Also have you ever thought that his parents might be a bit overprotective! the girl in the pink cardigan x

What should you do if a 12th grader likes you a ninth grader but he wont date you because of his parents?

you just say to he or she if you want to go on a date. just say to your parents that you are going to target or something. THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THING IVE EVER HEARD. just because you don't date doesnt mean you cant have a boyfriend or girl freind.

In where in Florida can you get married if you and your boyfriend have two kids and your parents wont give their consent?

If you are under the age of 18, you have to have parental consent or a court order to get married.

How can i get a job if my parents wont let me go anywhere i don't have a phone or internet because they wont let me use it and i cant talk to anyone in public because they wont let me?

If you are over 18, you can move out and emancipate yourself from them.