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Can you get feebas with a good rod?


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September 12, 2011 2:58PM

You can catch feebas with any type of rod in Pokemon sapphire,ruby and emerald but a super rod is the best-good rods and old rods work to but they r harder to catch feebas with :^]

I tried that but i just got a whole bunch of carvanas. Its probaly the same catch rate with all the rods.

With an old rod, basically every second catch on a Feebas tile will be a Feebas. Also, with the old rod, you usually just have to press once to pull up the catch.

With a super rod every catch on a Feebas tile will be a Feebas, but you will often have to press 5-6 times to pull up the catch.

if you use a old rod it only catches magicarps,a good rod will only catch medeaim lvl Pokemon and a super rod will catch every Pokemon.its better to use a super rod