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Yes, the big toe is one of the most common sites for gout to occur

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Q: Can you get gout in your foot?
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What is podagra?

Gout of the foot, esp. the big toe.

Can gout pain occur on the outside of the foot?

My doctor says yes. The hospital says no, My doctor disagreed and prescribed colchocine the severe gout affecting the whole foot went within days

Identify the area of the foot that is usually affected by gout?

Gout most often affects one joint in the big toe (i.e. podagra).

Are the big toe joints always affected with gout or can it be any part of the foot your pain is on top of the foot and feels like you crushed both feet?

It is very common for gout to affect the big toe joints, but it can strike in any joint, including the joints between the bones in the top of your foot.

Can gout flare up on the back of the foot?

It can. however there are many other conditions that can be the problem as well.

Can Gout effect just one foot?

Yes it is most likely to start in the big toe.

What could be the cause of your right foot swelling more than the left and it hurts somewhat?


What treatments are available for gout?

The most important thing you can do for gout is rest the effected area for 24 hours, if it is in your foot, stay off of your feet and elevate them. Take pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, but do not take aspirin as that causes fluctuations in uric acid which can make gout worse.

Swelling of foot?

Swelling of the foot can indicate a condition known as gout. It is caused by too much uric acid in the body, and results in swelling of the hands, fingers, and toes.

Where does gout usually occur?

usually in the hand or foot (often at the base of the big toe), but sometimes in the elbow or knee

When you have gout of the foot and take a water pill will it get take away the gout attack?

Age, high body weight, and water pill usage (diuretics) were each reported to be risk factors for gout. Dr. Shiel's Perspective: This is not really very new information, but encourages doctors and patients to emphasize weight control and to minimize the use of water pills to avoid gout attacks.

Can gout be in any part of the foot?

Hell yeah! It seems gout can find any joint which will cause the most pain. Big toe joint is most common but any joint is susceptible, particularly in the body's extremities.

Would gout cause a hard lump on top of your foot?

Yes it sure can. Uric acid can build up that much.

How can gout be transmitted?

Gout is not contagious.

Is gout infectious?

No, gout is NOT infectious.

Can gout cause itching?

I was diagnosed with gout last week with my first horribly painful attack on a toe on my left foot. It has been about 7 days since the attack first came about. The itching on that one toe has been intense for the last day. I'm doing a search on the internet for itching & gout. With all that I'm reading, it appears it is quite common to have the intense itching associated with a gout attack.

What was the Medieval cure for gout?

There were any number of treatments for gout however there is no cure for gout.

How did they treat gout in Tudor times?

You had to have a sense of humour about pain in those days as the treatments for most ailments were definitely a bit of a chuckle. to treat gout Gout, or swollen foot as it was known. you were told to Boil a red haired dog in oil. add worms, pigs marrow and herbs. Make a mixture and put it on the affected area.

Does dexamethsone cure gout?

There is no cure for gout.

What is good for Gout?

what fruits is good for gout

Gout in women?

Women can get gout however it is far more prevalent in men.

Can I keep from getting gout if I learn more about it?

For getting gout on the internet. Then search getting gout if I learn more about it. The find a good Gout Causing Foods list. The first one will be Gout Causing Foods .

Can a 30 year old female get gout?

Gout is unusual in females before menopause but yes they can get gout.

What doctor treats gout?

Gout is treated by a "Rheumatologist"

What fruit is good for gout?

what fruits is good for gout

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