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Many single parents do qualify for grants, but not because they're single parents.


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There are many options for a single parent in college. A great benefit is being able to receive financial aid for being both in college, and a single parent.

Yes. Most scholarships are based on need, or on student achievement. If your single parent has no alimony, or child support for you, then usually the college looks at only the income from the parent you are living with. If the parent's income is low enough, then a scholarship might be available. The best thing to do is to contact the college to see what they would do for you.

Living expenses will depend on where you live and your type of housing. Generally, though, single mothers will have the cost of food, transportation, housing or rental costs, and utilities.

possibly but it really depends on the parent and how much attention he/she pays to the child They can do very well, I have been a single parent for thirteen years and both my daughters are at college and university.

No he is not a single parent

do you have grants for a single unemployed parent

No, asexual reproduction means that offspring arise from a single parent.

A single parent is a mother or father who has no husband or wife.

Contact the college financial aid office that your child is attending or will attend. They will tell you about grants. I do know most grant are income based and does not depend on the marriage status of a parent.

A single parent is the absence of one parent in the child or children life it could be mother or father.

Work as hard as you can. Do what you need to do and it may not be easy but just do it. DON"T GIVE UP.

Every state loves to help single moms with the expeses of going to school. I know that in some states they will pay all of your school expenses. Good luck and God Bless:)

I too am a single parent and have already researched single parent scholarships for myself. I found that the website has a great list of avialable scholarships.

They kind of mean the same thing but the difference is that : Single parent = A parent who is doing everything by her/his self like raising a family or handling children on his/her own. Parent = A parent is just everything. A parent is just a parent.

He was raised by a single parent who wanted a better life for her son

About 43% of children in Louisiana live in a single parent household.

When there is a parent child relation available then consolidated income statement is prepared in which expenses and income of parent and subsidiary are shown in one single financial statement due to which net profit or loss for whole organization is shown.

The best place to start by looking at the varying offers is to figure out how much money is going to be needed for living and for college expenses. Then check which of the scholarships have strings attached and avoid those if possible. This cuts down the range to a manageable number.

The Census no longer divides children in a single parent household to to divorce from those where the parents were never married, due to the stigma being considered illegitimate. That said, as of 2000, 26.7% of children are living in single parent households.

Catherine Townsend Horner has written: 'The single-parent family in children's books' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Children's stories, Family in literature, Juvenile literature, Single-parent families, Single-parent families in literature, Single-parent family

The first thing you can do is work on your GED. It does not take that long. Once you have that, you can then start at a community college. There is financial aid available. If you are in financial need, single mothers can usually have their education paid for.

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According to the US census bureau there are about 13 millions households that are single parent homes. 84% are single mothers and 16% are single fathers.

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