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Can you get herpes from your first kiss?

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The herpes virus which causes cold sores is highly contagious. If you shared your first kiss with someone who was experiencing an outbreak, then yes, you could get it from your first kiss.

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Q: Can you get herpes from your first kiss?
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Can you kiss someone with genital herpes?

Yes you can kiss someone with genital herpes. Herpes is transmitted via skin2skin contact, so if they only have genital herpes and not oral herpes as well, it is quite safe to kiss them on the lips.

Can you get herpes if you kiss someone and they have genital herpes?

If you kiss the genitals of someone with genital herpes, you could get herpes on your mouth. If you kiss someone on the mouth and they have genital herpes, you won't get genital herpes.

Can you kiss someone if you have herpes?

As long as you don't tell them you have herpes

Can you catch herpes if you don't kiss the area the herpes are in?


Can your get herpes from a kiss?


What happens when you kiss someone and you have herpes?

There is a chance that they could catch herpes; it depends on the kiss. If it was a deep French kiss it is much more likely to transmit than a simple kiss on the cheek.

Can a male kiss a female that has herpes?

If she has herpes of the mouth the STD can be passed on through a kiss or any other contact of the mouth.

Your partner has herpes and do not want to kiss for fear of giving it to you Is it safe for us to kiss?

well.... unless you want herpes, i'd suggest NO!!!!!!!!

What causes oral herpes?

giving oral to someone that has herpes .a cold sore is a form of herpes..Oral herpes is easily transmitted by a kiss.

Will you give herpes to your kids if you kiss them?

If you have the oral type of herpes (what caises cold sores and fever blisters) then yes you could give your children oral herpes if you kiss them while you have a cold sore.

How can you catch mouth herpes?

If you give someone oral sex or kiss someone with herpes.

Is you have a cold sore on your mouth and you kiss your boyfriend then he eats you out can you get herpes?

Cold sores on the mouth is herpes type 1. If you kiss your boyfriend he could be inffected with herpes 1 then If he "eats you out" he could inffect your genitals , which is herpes type 2. (genital herpes). So yes, that is possible.

When you kiss a boy do you get herpes?

Just kissing a boy will not give you herpes. He must be infected in order for you to catch it (oral herpes).

Is it a possibility that the person you kiss might not catch your herpes that you kiss?

Yes, it is possible.

Can you be able to kiss if you got herpes?

Not while it is active, you will infect the person you kiss.

Can you contract fever blister from a kiss on the neck?

You can get the herpes virus from a kiss on the neck if the person kissing you had an outbreak of herpes or just before the outbreak arose. The neck is a common place for herpes gladiatorum as well.

Can you get herpes kissing someone who ate or drank after someone who has herpes?

if you kiss somebody who has type 1 herpes, (which is in the mouth), yes there is a chance you can get type 1 herpes.

Is it safe for a person with genital herpes to kiss a person without it?

If you only have herpes on you're genitals then YES you are safe to kiss some one that doesn't have it. Genital herpes only affects the genitals. If you have a cold sore (oral herpes) then you could pass it on by kissing.

Can you kiss people with herpes?

Oral herpes is spread through kissing. However, if you meant genital herpes, then this can only be spread by sexual contact.

Can your daughter get herpes if you kiss her lips?

Yes, it is possible.

If you have genital herpes can you give it to your partner by kissing them?

only if you first kiss the open sore on yourself prior to kissing another

Can a child get herpes from their parent?

Yes, children can get herpes from a parent. Most of us get oral herpes (cold sores) from casual contact in childhood, such as a kiss from a relative.

Do men pass on herpes to children?

Herpes is not genetically passed. Adults could pass herpes on if they have the cold sore virus (caused by oral herpes) and kiss their children while they have a cold sore.

What are painless red spots on tongue?

what you get when you kiss someone with herpes

What can cause green oozing sores on your penis?

usually that's herpes possibly clymidia but most likely that's herpes i would have to hear more about this. DO NOT KISS RUB TOUCH THEIR GENITAL AREA OR KISS THEM ON THE MOUTH BECAUSE YOU CAN GET HERPES JUST KISSING!