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Speaking just from my personal experience in New York, when I purchased a home that had gone into foreclosure to renovate, I could not get a full homeowner's policy on it. Not only did the insurance companies want the home to be perfect before they would insure it, but even after the necessary repairs were done, because I was not living there, they would only give me what is called a "fire policy". It basically covers against fire, wind, an airplane crashing through the roof, etc. It does not cover vandalism however. If you want to protect the contents of the home (tools, etc.) then you need a rider for that which increases the premium. Although this "fire policy" has much less coverage than a real homeowner's policy, it has a much more expensive premium - I'm still trying to figure that one out (it was almost $500/year for a $45,000 policy with $2,000 personal property coverage). Its a pretty annoying situation. Anyway, maybe I have yet to find the right insurance company (I am still looking), but this has been my personal experience. I hope it helps!

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Q: Can you get homeowners insurance while you are renovating a house that is vacant?
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Does insurance pay for damage if the house is unoccupied?

Homeowners Insurance and the Vacant HomeNo, Homeowners Insurance automatically becomes null and void when a home becomes vacant.You need to add a "Vacant Property Rider" to your policy to ensure continuing coverage during a period of vacancy.

Can your homeowners insurance be canceled if you put your house up for sale and if you just got a policy do you have to wait a specific time if you wanted to list your home for sale?

Your homeowners insurance is not effected by your house being for sale...unless it is vacant. 4lifeguild

Why is homeowners insurance higher on a vacant house?

much greater chance of arson/vandalism. AND because people are more protective of the house they are actually living in.

If my mother's house was vacant because of her demise will the insurance cover a robbery?

Generally No, Homeowners Insurance Policies typically have a vacancy clause. The insuring contract requires notification to the Insurance company when the house becomes vacant. All coverage typically ends at the time the home becomes vacant unless you have endorsed the policy to cover a period of vacancy.

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Why should you have insurance if it paid for house?

if you paid cash for the house do you need homeowners insurance

Can the property owner get fire insurance on rental property while renovating and the house is empty for over 30 days?

This one is easy. Put a bed in there and sleep there 1 day out of the week. It's no longer vacant if you do this.

Do you have to have your house inspected to get homeowners insurance?

The insurance company reserves that right.

Does homeowners insurance cover hospital from a car accident?

No, Homeowners insurance is for the house. it does not cover cars or car accident claims.

Does homeowners insurance cover a death of a stranger in your house?

No, Hopefully the stranger had a life insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not provide life insurance or accidental death benefits.

Vacant house insurance Michigan?

Vacant home insurance in Michigan is very hard to obtain. One company is Foremost Insurance and they are based right in Caledonia, Michigan. You can find an agent that has Foremost at and type in the information to find your local agent. In addition, I think they just had a huge rate reduction to help homeowners like yourself.

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