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Many large companies these days offer insurance for a "significant other" instead of a spouse. Speak to the insurance company directly for this information.

This is possible, but there are some issues to consider: 1) If the employer group is purchasing their health insurance from a carrier, there will likely be state laws and carrier rules to this. Each state regulates the insurance carriers within their state.

2) If this is a large company of 300+ employees, they probably 'self-insure.' This exempts them from state insurance laws and the employer gets to make most of the decisions.

3) WARNING: IF the employer pays any portion of your premium, they are required by federal law to consider the amount of money that they (the employer) pay towards your (the significant other) insurance premiums as taxable income to your boyfriend.

For example, if the employer pays 50% of the cost for dependents and the premium cost for adding you is $300 per month, then the employer pays $150 and your boyfriend will have $150 per month deducted from his pay. But he will also have the income taxes on the $150 the employer contributes deducted, too.

There is a complex reasoning the fed gov't has for requiring this. It has to do with the fact that significant others are not afforded the same tax status as spouses.


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Q: Can you get insurance for a 'significant other'?
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