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Can you get into a college with a sat score of 1100 30 GPA and clubs?


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2011-09-12 15:00:49
2011-09-12 15:00:49

of course you can get into A college..but it depends what your goals are..those credentials wont get you into ivys or first tier probably..most likely your looking at second tier schools..hopefully your activities are strong


Diffinately, just make sure that you apply to schools within your academic achievement range and then you will deffinately get in.


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you need a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a GPA score of 1100 or higher. ANSWER: you have to have a G.P.A of 3.5 or above and an S.A.T Score of 1100 or above to get into the University of Virginia.

The average GPA of the Williams College is 3.83. This is the GPA score that most students in the college usually attain.

According to the college each college differ. It is normally 3.0

My SAT 1620 and GPA 4.0 What college in California will accept

Most colleges would accept with a 3.75 GPA, but the SAT has top score of 1400. Your score is fair, but you could improve it.

TCC standing for Tarrant County College, requires a high standard for entry. These requirements are: A GPA of 3.5 or above, an SAT score of 1100 or above and you must be a top 10% high school graduate.

depends on what college you want a scholarship for. but the GPA is pretty good. could be better but good. and the ACT score is pretty good as well. good luck!

A 2.17 GPA is the lowest score you can get to achieve a C+ average.

Most likely not. I have a 4.1 and I haven't taken the SAT yet but I am not sure if I will get in with a 4.1. If you play sports are in many clubs, maybe.

Depends on the college. Usually around 3.2 could be more or less. Aks the college you're checking out.

It may or may not be. It is a C- and may not be good enough to get into a good college.

Top colleges prefer new students to hold a unweighted GPA over 3.7 and a SAT score above 1900. It is possible to attend a top college with a 3.95 unweighted GPA and a low SAT score of 1500 with letter of recommendations, and lots of community/volunteer experience.

Your GPA is 92.6 ----------------------Your GPA would be 2.5------------------------

Average GPA Score as listed in Hotcoursesusa for Western Oregon University is: GPA score: 2.75 Average SAT math score: 470 Average SAT writing score: 470 Average ACT score: 21

You would want to have a solid GPA, a 3.5 or higher. Also you'd want to be a well-rounded student: being in clubs, sports, music bands, and volunteering helps quite a bit.The Average ACT score required is 31- 35 or above . With stellar recs and amazing EC's and overall personality.Average SAT math score: 700 - 790 Average SAT writing score: 700 - 780 Average ACT score: 31 - 35 GPA score: 3.88

GPA to play college football

The required GPA is a 3.4 GPA for Georgia tech

Yes, if that's your unweighted GPA (no extra weight for honors classes). The University of South Carolina puts more of an emphasis on you SAT score, however. So if you have at least an 1100 on the SAT and that GPA, you should be able to get in.

There is a college that will take a 3.89 GPA! This college is called The Master Cooley College of Law.

More than likely, yes. But your options are more limited. You will also have to have a really high LSAT score to make up for the low college GPA.

A 2.0/4.0 GPA and varying ACT score will get you in. The average ACT score of students is 20-24.

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