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Can you get jhoto Pokemon in emerald?


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yes! =]


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You can only have Pokemon from Hoenn to Jhoto ONLY if you trade them.

You can get it by transferring the Johoto starters via your Game Boy Advance to Pokemon Emerald

You can go to a potion of the Jhoto Region in the Jhoto Safari Zone,after you beat the Elite Four and Champion.You can encounter Jhoto Pokemon in the Jhoto Pokemon.And Oddish aren't in that part of the Safari Zone to annoy you.However....try using HM's on the tree's...

Basically every hoenn Pokemon along with the inclusion of a few jhoto and kanto Pokemon. Hoenn Pokemon NOT found in emerald are: Surskit, Masquerain and Lunatone.

Complete the national Dex with Jhoto region Pokemon wait a few Seconds,Minutes,Hours,days, or weeks then select the three jhoto starter Pokemon

you need to catch or see all the Pokemon in the national dex.

i think you have to complete it and birch will give you one

No but in Pokemon crystal you can go from johto to kanto to johto etc.!!!

you get all 200 Pokemon on youre dex and go to prof.birch and he will give them to u

you can get them by either filling all your pokedex in emerald and talk to professor birch and then migrating them or AR.

You go to the safari zone after you finish the game then, if you see a new path go to the grass and you can catch Pokemon from the jhoto region

All Pokemon released to the Sinnoh and Unova regions. Also you cannot technically "catch" Kanto or Jhoto region only Pokemon.

emeraLD?The "Legendaries" of Pokemon Emerald are as followsGroudon,KyogreRayquazaJirachi*Deoxys*Ho-Oh*Lugia*LatiosLatiasMew**Can only be achieved by Special events, or cheating.You may also receive the JHOTO starter Pokemon (cindiquill, chickorita, tododile) by completing the 200 Pokemon pokedex.;)

You would have to trade the pokemon.

It depends on the Pokemon.

You cannot reach jhoto in leafgreen because the tohjo falls are not in the game.

You get some of the Jhoto region pokemons such as stantler, shellos, remoraid, etc.

it is in the forest in jhoto

when you complete it you get one of the jhoto startes.

you cant. victini is only in black and white. just like you cant get a piplup in emerald because there was no such thing as a piplup in pokemon emerald so the people who made the game made sure that you could transfer pokemon from kanto, jhoto, hoenn, and sinnoh to unova, but not vice versa.

All 3 Johto starters cannot be obtained Leafgreen you must trade them from Emerald, Colosseum, or XD Gale of Darkness.

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