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NO, of course not!

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Is suicide illegal in Texas?

its not illegal if you dont fail if you do fail youre registered as insane and they cant put you in jail

Why is Bigamy illegal?

Because you still have commitments to the person you're still married to until youre divorced you still have responsibilities.

Is skating in town illegal?

it depends which town youre in and what skating youre doing.

What happens if teenagers are in love?

depends how old you are if youre older than 18 get married right out of highschool if youre younger just wait till youre out of high school just wait to get married if youre truly in love

Is it illegal to climb trees in America?

No...not unless the police get involved because youre about to jump, or youre disturbing the public, or youre on private property. just climb small trees if you must.

Is it illegal to climb trees in Britain?

No...not unless the police get involved because youre about to jump, or youre disturbing the public, or youre on private property. just climb small trees if you must.

Is it illegal to get a puppy before youre 12 cause my sis says it is?

It's not illegal, but strictly speaking the dog will be your parent's responsibility.

Can an illegal immigrant who have a child with an EU citizen be granted right to remain in UK?

its possible,depends on the ff 1.if you are married to the eu citizen?! then you can 2. if youre not married you'll be deported,your child at the age of 18 has the right to choose which country he/she wants to settle in

Did King Henry vi get married?

If youre talking about king henry the 6th then` no

Is gambling online illegal for under-aged kids?

gambling of any kind is illegal if youre underage. legally you can gamble online at age 18

Is there a correlation between ancient aliens and the Cherubim as described in Ezekiel Chapter 1 vs 10?

i am cherubim youre all sinners aliens are friends of mine and work for cherubim for a long time and you know my name yes raymond .

Is it illegal to open another person's mailbox and to put a flyer inside?

it is illegal. i would check with your mailman/woman and give the flyers to him/her to deliver if that's what youre trying to do

Im a 16 year-old and you want to get married to a 26yeard-old and your parents are ok with. Can i get married?

Nooo you aree toooooo young trust me,you may think youre ready but yu will regret it the day after youre married,unless youre ready to face the responsibilities such as paying bills,doing taxes,having/raising a child then okayy..but like my opinion personally being one year younger then you is wait till youre at least 18.

Is Adobe Flash Player safe to use?

No it allows aliens and chuck norris spy on everything youre doing and report it back to mother base.

How do upload coins from one penguin to another penguin on clubpenguin?

the only way to do it is illegal and youre penguin will be banned forever

Is it okay if you flirt with two guys at once?

Yeah When Youre Single Yeah It's Okay But Not If Youre In a Relationship With Someone or Married too someone because it would be considered cheating then

What illegal drug causes most deaths?

cocaine if youre talking about controlled substance drugs. sniffing if you mean any drug.

Is it illegal to date someone who is 23 if youre 15?

It is not illegal to date a minor, but any sexual activity would be considered statutory rape until the younger party reaches the age of consent, which can vary based on the jurisdiction.

If youre under the age of 18 how long will it take to get your drivers license in Texas 6 months or a year?

Well, I am not sure when you could get it in Texas, but in Maryland, my home state, it takes about 6 months.

Is it illegal to cut hair at home if youre a professional stylist in the state of MD?

If you are offering your services and expect to be paid, yes. You are required to be licensed in MD.

Can a 14-year-old marry an 18-year-old?

Certainly not! You must be 16 and have parental permission to get married, otherwise wait until you are 18. And as long as youre under 18 and the other person is 18 or above, it's illegal in some places.

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