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Every state is different. In most states, you can with your parent's consent. But this is a really bad idea. -DJ Craig

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What happened to Barack after he finished law school?

he married a lawyer named michelle robinson

You are a Canadian and you are married to an American you got married in the US and lived in the US you are now getting a divorce do you have to show your divorce papers the next time you get married?

she is not married she is going out with somebody in middle school

How do you find somebody from middle school?

To find somebody from middle school, all you have to do is ask someone if their in middle school.

How old was William Shakespeare when he finished school?

He never finished school

What does Harry Potter do after he is finished with school?

it never told what his career was, but after the 7th book he married Ginny Weasley and had 3 kids.

Has somebody killed somebody from bullying?

Yes, one example was the Columbine school shootings.

What is the motto of Sandringham School?

The motto of Sandringham School is 'Everybody can be Somebody'.

Why was William Shakespeare pulled out of school early?

We do not have Shakesepare's school records so we have no reason to believe that he ever was pulled out of school early. If you are thinking it was to get married, think again. Grammar school finished long before the pupils reached the age of eighteen.

Is short stack in school?

They have all finished school.

Who created school uniforms?

It was long ago when somebody created school uniforms

Did Bill Gates finished high school?

yes, He finished high school however he did drop out of Harvard in 1975.

When did miley finished school?

Miley hasn't finished school yet shes homeschooled but shes only 17.

Do you have to be a WWE wrestler to date a WWE diva?

I dont think so because john cena married somebody that wasnt a diva but then they split up John married his high school sweetheart LIZ and they are still very much married and very happy together they have not split up

Can i apply even if i already finished school to pay of what i owe?

“Can i apply even if i already finished school to pay of what i owe?”

Why should all kids go to school?

They need to go to school for education to be somebody By Me

What are your options if somebody offered you drugs at school?

1 option...NO

When did Nelson Mandela finish school?

He finished High school in 1938

When did Hermione Granger get married?

We do not know for sure. We just know she was married before she was thirty seven. Hermione did go back to Hogwarts for her seventh year so she would have been nineteen, almost twenty, by the time she finished Hogwarts. It is unlikely she married while still at school so Hermione probably married in her twenties.

What is the Definition of finished?

Something that has been completed. At the end of a day of school or work, it is finished.

How many teachers are married?

more teachers in a a modern school will not be married but in a older school most will be

How old was she when she finished school?

old enough

When is a Japanese child finished with school?

after colldege

Did young jeezy finish high school?

Yes he finished high school.

Did Taylor swift drop out of school?

No she finished all of her years in high school

Where did manuel quezon finished his elementary ang high school?

in school ofcourse