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Of course you can get married to another person; just not while you are already married. You must get a divorce.


i was wrong....if you get married to another person in this life, Satan will own your soul for at least an eternity, if not longer...good luck with that

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How do you get over someone who is married to another?

You party all night in Vegas, till you are married to someone else. You party all night in Vegas, till you are married to someone else.

Husband gets marries knowing he is still married to someone in another country is this marriage to the person he married in another country legal in the eyes of the law in the US?

He married in another state and didn't know he was still legally married to someone else

Is rati pandey married?

Yes,she is married with someone else. ----ANOTHER USER She is not married in real life but in the show she is married with mayank sharma

How do you deal with being married but you are in love with someone else who you are not sure if they really love and care for you and they live with someone else who you know still loves another?

knowone else has that problem so i cant answer that.knowone can.

What does beligamy mean?

Bigamy refers to the act in which one person marries another while he/she is legally married to someone else.

A married man gets married to a second single lady and has a baby?

If he was married and then married someone else the second marriage is not binding and is bigamy. Bigamy is defined as the crime of marrying when one is lawfully married to another person.

Can your soulmate be married to someone else?

Technically, yes. But if she/he's married to someone else, and you are there soul mate, then they have obviously with the wrong person, and only time, will reveal that to them.

Is it illegal to be married in the UK and also get Married in France to someone else?

Yes, it is.

Can you honestly be in love with someone else if you are married?


What do you do if you are in love with someone else and you are married?

Get a great lawyer!

If you are married in Ohio can you marry someone else in another state without obtaining a divorce from the person in Ohio?

No, not unless you want to be a bigamist.

Is it considered cheating if a married woman sleeps with another woman?

If the man isn't aware of it yes. You are sharing your body with someone else.

Can I marry someone in a different state if im already married to someone else?


How can I have a different family?

Well you can get married to someone else or you can be someone elses spouce.

What kind of sin is adultry?

When you are married or dating someone and you sleep with someone else.

What state can you get married in if you are already married to another person?

You can only be married to one person at a time in the United States. If you are already married the only way you could get married to someone else is to divorce your current spouse and then marry the other person.

Can you get married to someone if you have a domestic partnership with someone else?

If you are just living with someone (common law) and you want to marry someone else then you can legally marry the other person.

How do you know if he will never be back?

When he gets married to someone else.

Was Pele married?

Yes! to Rosemari and someone else too

Can a married Filipino citizen marry someone else abroad?


Was Joseph ever married to someone before he married Mary?

No, he was not married to anyone else before or after he never was

If married in Ohio can you get married to someone else in Michigan?

It is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time.

You married someone in Canada you found out he was married to someone else how can you find out is he still married to her?

you will ask the woman if she still marry or not, if she stay talk you read the lips

What happens to your current marriage if you married someone who was already married to someone else?

You are not married. If a person knowingly marries someone while already married then he has committed bigamy. The second marriage is invalid. It is null and void.

What happens when someone get married while still married to someone else?

In countries where polygamy is illegal, this person will be in federal/legal trouble.