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== == Yes you can and in many cases you should. You will very often find that individual coverage, if you can qualify for it, is cheaper than adding dependents on to your company plan. Because company plans generally cover everyone regardless of health condition they must charge more knowing that some people will use a lot of medical care. Individual plans that require approval can deny coverage to those who they know will use a lot of care, thereby offering lower coverage to those who are healthier.

This is not true in ''all states'' since some guarantee coverage to everyone even on individual plans. It may not be fair either, but that is the way the system works in most states.

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Does home insurance cover injury to family member?

No. That's what your major medical insurance policy is for.

Can you add step children to medical insurance policy?

When you get married, and either spouse has children, those children can be added to the policy. If you have a family plan, step children can also be added to a medical insurance policy.

Does Home owners insurance cover bodily injury for family members?

No, That's what you major medical insurance policy is for.

How can you purchase a life insurance policy for a family member?

contact an insurance agency, get the person to agree that it is okay for you to insure them, pay the money and wow...you have insurance There is no separate process to buy a life insurance policy for a family member. As long as he or she has granted consent and is willing to undergo the necessary medical exam one has to follow exactly the same steps as buying a policy for oneself i.e. calculate your premium, receive multiple quotes, choose your policy, complete the application form, complete the medical exam and pay the premiums once the medicals have been cleared.

Car insurance can coverage medical payment on motorcycle accident?

If you put medical insurance on the policy when the policy was purchased.

Can you suggest options for medical insurance?

Now a days there are many Insurance provider companies offering range of medical Insurance policies, like; individual health Insurance policy, family health Insurance policy, group health plans and others. HDFC ERGO is one of the leading health Insurance policy provider, you can check HDFC ERGO's health policies.

What is family medical insurance?

Family medical insurance is a medical insurance policy thast covers you and your family members under one policy. Everyone covered on the policy has a specific monthly premium that is billed as one dollar amount. For instance, you may pay $100.00 per month, your wife $125.00 per month, your son $75.00 per month, and you daughter $85.00 per month. The bill for the family medical insurance would cost the total of $385.00 per month. As long as everyone is under one plan, the plan will pay the same for each individual person.

Does mobile home insurance cover flooding?

Usually flood insurance is a separate policy, for mobile homes or any other kind of home. Check the details of your policy, but normally flood insurance requires a separate policy or rider.

Why might a medical assistant purchase a professional liability insurance policy separate from the employer's policy?

In order to provide themselves with additional (supplemental) coverage in case the employers insurance policy is insufficient. When the assistant wants an additional layer of coverage beyond the limits provided by the employers policy.

How does a family term life insurance policy differ from an individual policy?

A family life insurance policy differs from an individual insurance policy by the amount of persons included in the policy. The family option includes a (marriage) partner and probably one or more children. There might also be the option to include pets into the policy depending on the insurance company.

Can your car insurance cover your medical if you were involved in a motorcycle accident?

If your motorcycle was a scheduled vehicle on your Insurance Policy then you should be covered. If you were on someone Else's Motorcycle then their insurance policy should cover your medical. If neither coverage is available then you could look to your major medical policy or HMO for medical coverage.

Do you need major medical insurance if you have employer supplied insurance?

Generally, employer-supplied insurance will provide major medical. Check your policy or ask your HR representative about your specific policy.

Can you purchase your own separate medical insurance if you don't like the one-and-only option offered by your husband's employer and can you each use either one or both simultaneously?

You can purchase your own medical insurance, its called and Individual policy and many insurance carriers sell them. With an individual medical policy, you have to qualify. (you don't have any significant medical problems or past medical history) Individual medical policys also have pre-existing clauses-- they can deny any/all medical services for a medical condition they determine began before your policy began. Pre-existing clauses are usually for the first 6 months. Most, not all insurance plans "coordinate benefits". For example, if both you and your husband had health insurance through your separate employers, your insurance would be primary and your husband's insurance would be secondary and vice versa for your husband. It can be different for an individual policy/plan. Health insurance is very expensive in this country so most people can't afford to buy individual medical insurance.

Can two people have the same Car insurance policy but live in different household?

Two people in separate households can have the same insurance policy. Usually, you can give the insurance company separate garaging addresses.

What are the Advantages of general insurance policy?

An insurance policy gives you peace of mind. If you get sick, the insurance policy will help make sure you are able to pay your medical bills.

Can a life insurance policy with five family members be turned in to five policies?

The answer is in the negative. You are to opt for separate life policies for your five family members to cater their needs.

If insurance policy states one beeficary what happens with multiple people on a will?

Benefits paid from an insurance policy are separate from property that is left in a will. With an insurance policy, it is paid to the named beneficiary. That is not controlled by the wording of a will.

If you are a passenger in a one car wreck and the driver is not a designated driver who will pay for your medical bills?

The at fault drivers auto insurance policy would pay for medical bills up to the policy limits for which that insured driver is liable. If there is no insurance then there is no coverage. If no one has Auto Insurance to cover you, hopefully you have a major Medical Insurance Policy in place. Major medical will cover your medical expenses even from a car accident.

Will homeowners insurance cover caregivers costs for the inured?

No. There is no way that a homeowners policy would cover any medical costs for the insured or any family or household member. That is what health insurance is for not house insurance.

What to do if auto ins policy isn't enough to cover my medical bills after accident?

If you have a health insurance policy (Medical Insurance) it will pick up where your auto coverage left off.

What does medical claim mean?

A medical claim is the application for compensation against a health insurance policy or against another's liability insurance policy for the covered portion of a covered event.

What are some advantages of having a health insurance policy?

"Some of the advantages of having a health insurance policy are that if one happens to get sick, they will be covered by their medical insurance. If one is not covered the costs for medical care can be detrimental."

What kind of policy is Endowment Insurance Policy?

Endowment Insurance policy is life insurance. Life insurance is very important to have, especially if you have a family or kids. If anything should happen to you, you would want to know that your family could live comfortably without your income.

Does an insurance policy supersede a will in nc?

An insurance policy and a will are two separate things. The policy is a contract between the insured and the insurance company. The beneficiary of the insurance policy is spelled out in the contract. The insurance company will pay the insurance proceeds to whoever is listed to receive the proceeds. The proceeds from an insuranc policy can be paid into the estate of the deceased and disbursed according to the terms of the will. The issue is who is listed as being the beneficiary of the insurance policy.

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