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Can you get mono from someone who's never had it?

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βˆ™ 2008-10-27 23:01:52

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yes you can. just dont spit on people and you wont have to worry about it

2008-10-27 23:01:52
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Q: Can you get mono from someone who's never had it?
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Can you get mono from someone whos never kissed anyone?


Can you get mono from someone who's never kissed before and you haven't kissed anyone either?


How can you catch mono the disease?

one way that mono is transferred is through saliva, so eating/drinking after someone or kissing someone can give you mono, if that person has mono or is carrying mono.

You have mono and if you kiss someone with mono will you get it back?

In my research, i have come to the conclusion that it is not likely to get mono twice. In other words, if u kiss someone who has mono it is very rare that you will get it again.

Can you get mono from someone who doesn't have it?


Can dogs get mono?

well, u get mono from kissing or from someone else, its contagious!

Can you get mono if neither you or the guy have it?

You can get mono from drinking out of a water bottle, cup, or glass of someone who has or is getting mono. You can get mono from saliva and that is how it got its nickname "the kissing disease".

Can you get staph from eating after someone?

no but u can get mono from eating out someone

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If you drink after someone with mono will you get it?

Mono is an extremely contagious infection, so most likely yes.

If you want mono how can you get it fast without kissing someone?

First of all, why would you want mono? You get mono by exchanging bodily fluids, like saliva, with someone who has it. That could be kissing, it could be drinking from their bottle, etc.

Can mono be spread without having symptoms?

Yes, in fact many people have had Mono and never knew it.

How do you catch mono?

you can catch mono from sharing drinks, kissing, even being too close to someone with it.

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What is mono disease?

Mono is a disease caused by kissing someone or drinking after someone. Mono means one, so you can only get it one time. It is sometimes called the "kissing disease." It is caused by a virus that infects your throat, liver, and blood. Mono is contagious, which means you can spread the virus too.

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How much kissing do you have to do to get mono?

Mono is not caused by a great amount of kissing. All it takes is that you kiss someone who already has the virus.

Can you spread mono in swimming pool?

I think I did, I am a waterpolo player someone had mono in the pool, now two of us have it do far.

Can you get mono from playing the flute?

if someone recently put their saliva all over it, then yeah. but its not likely unless they are contagious with mono.

If you have mono and you make out with someone will that person get it?

Their chances are very high.

Can you visit someone with mono?

Yes, just don't kiss them.

How quickly do you die from mono if someone punches you?

Ur face