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Can you get moon stones in pokemon emerald?

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Where do you find a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

Moon Stones are evolutionary stones that help certain Pokemon evolve. In Pokemon Emerald, these stones can only be found on wild Lunatone which may be captured in Meteor Falls.

What Pokemon in emerald holds moon stones?

according to the official player's guide for Pokemon emerald version wild lunatone is the only Pokemon that hold moon stones and they can't be caught in emerald. You need to trade a lunatone over from sapphire.

On Pokemon Emerald what Pokemon evolves from evolutionary stones?

Lombre(Water stone), Skitty (Moon stone), Nuzleaf(Leaf stone).

Pokemon Emerald where to get jirachie?


Stones in Pokemon Emerald?

If by stones you mean water stone, fire stone etc, there are the water, fire, thunder, leaf, sun and moon stones. You can get them by finding them or trading them for shards with the hunter, who lives on an island northwest of Mossdeep. However, you can't trade shards for the sun and moon stones.

Where do you find Moon Stones In Pokemon Fire Red?

Moon Stones are supposed to be found in Mount Moon.

Dawn stone Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones aren't available in Pokemon Emerald. Use Mystery Gift.

Dawn stones in Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones are only available in Diamond and Pearl.

What Pokemon do you find on the moon in Pokemon emerald?


Where do you get a moon stone In Pokemon emerald?

answer it

Where do you get deoxes in Pokemon Emerald?

in the moon

What is the Action Replay Max code to get five stars or go to the moon to catch Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald?

I don't think there is a code to get to the moon in Pokemon Emerald, but there is a code to get Jirachi in Pokemon Emerald.

In emerald is there a stone other than moon stone?

Yes, there are fire stones, thunder stones, leaf stones, and even sun stones

Where are the locations of moon stones on Pokemon LeafGreen?

there in mt. moon

What can you do in the moon of Pokemon Emerald?

nothing you cant go to the moon or on it or in it

What are all the stones for Pokemon emerald?

find the guy who collects shards and trade shards for stones

What do moon stones do?

If you are talking about POKEMON then they can evolve different pokEmon.

What Pokemon evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon emerald?

The only Pokemon that evolve with a Moon Stone in Emerald are Jigglypuff and Skitty. Skitty evolves into Delcatty and Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff

What Pokemon can you evovle in Pokemon emerald with the moon stone?

The only native Pokemon in emerald that use the moon stone to evolve are Skitty, which evolves into Delcatty, and Jigglypuff, which evolves into Wigglytuff.

Where are the moon stones Pokemon Blue?

Some are found in Mt. Moon

What are all the stone names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Thunder stones, Water stones, Fire stones, Leaf stones, Shiny stones, Dusk stones, Oval stones, Moon stones, Sun stones.

Where to get moon stones in emerald?

In many caverns or by the ability Pickup. Zaragotha (Zara)

How many moon stones are in Pokemon emerald?

I think you can only find one Yes there is only one but if you had Pokemon sapphire or know someone who does than you can trade someone who has a lunatone which could have a moon stone as a held item. Of course you can give the item to any Pokemon and trade it over to emerald but a wild lunatone won't always have one and one that does is very rare. Also the emerald version doesn't have wild lunatone but solrock which are found in meteor falls and solrock carry sun stones not moon stones of which the likely hood of a wild solrock holding a sun stone is about the same as a lunatone holding a moon stone. But if you have a Pokemon that knows covet or thief you can steal one from a lunatone or solrock. Also useful move to steal held items from trainers' Pokemon.

How do you catch a Delcatty in Pokemon Emerald?

Evolve a Skitty using Moon Stone. Skitty can be caught outside Rusturf Tunnel on Route 105 and Moon Stones can be traded over or found in Meteor Falls.

In Pokemon emerald where do you trade shards for stones?

you can trade shards for stones in hunters house. His house is southwest of mossdeep.