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The acid in soft drinks can cause mouth ulcers directly through contact or indirectly by increasing the food supply of bacteria in the mouth and activating dormant herpes.

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Q: Can you get mouth ulcers on the back of my tongue?
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Why do you keep getting mouth ulcers under your tongue?

if you are getting mouth ulcers under neath your tongue try some ambosol you can get it from the chemist

How do you obtain mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers can be caused by biting your lip or tongue. This would cause a painful little bump in your mouth.

Is tooth loss symptoms of aids?

No what will happen in the mouth is ulcers or white tongue.

How do you Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers on tongue?

you can get some gel from your local super market which is fro ulcers i use 'bongela' if i have one

What could painful and burning red bumps on back of tongue be?

Mouth Ulcers, they are pretty painful, don't drink anything fizzy, keep rinsing your mouth every now and then ( mouth-wash ).

What are mouth ulcers and what causes them?

Mouth ulcers are usually sores within the mouth. The most common and usual symptom is pain in the mouth and constant pain when talking, chewing, or moving your tongue across a certain area. Redness, open wounds, and scars are also symptoms of ulcers.

Is the tongue attached to the front or the back of the mouth on a frog?

The tongue is attached to the front of the mouth on a frog.

What causes ulcers on tongue?

Ulcers in the tongue are caused by having less vitamins in the body.

What would cause a dog with Lupus not able to close its mouth?

Ulcers on the tongue are a common sign of lupus in dogs.

What organ pushes food to the back of the mouth?

The tongue pushes food to the back of the mouth.

Is a frogs tongue attached to the front or back of it's mouth?

A frogs tongue is attached to the middle of it's mouth.

How is a pig's tongue attached?

It is attached to the back of their mouth.

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