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Yes. Some carriers sell this type of coverage more on a seasonal basis (for instance, you park your car at a summer residence, don't use it for nine months out of the year, but still need coverage).

Contact your agent and/or carrier directly to find out more information. The premium for this type of coverage should be relatively low, since the vehicle's not in use, but you'll want to be very clear with your carrier about when you'll be using the car again. If you forget, and use the car during its "off" time, you might not have coverage.

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Q: Can you get non-driving auto insurance if you are keeping your car but will not be driving it for 6 months to a year?
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What is the fine in WY for driving without insurance?

I don't know what the fine is in a particular jurisdiction but I can tell you this. The fine for driving without insurance will be far more than six months premium of the insurance that you were required to carry.

What happens when you are 18 years old and you get 2 driving tickets in 2 months?

Your car insurance will about double. Quit driving like an idiot, and stop getting tickets, or you'll lose even more money to insurance.

What is the penalty for this in California for driving without insurance?

I am not sure about California itself but of the states I do no about the penalty is always more than six months of insurance would have cost the person had they purchased the liability insurance.

Do you need short term car insurance if you am moving out of state for a few months but then moving back?

If you have a vehicle that you will be driving you will need to have insurance on it no matter what. You will not need any special insurance. Your regular insurance will cover you while you are out of state.

Can a bad driver with points get insurance in Ohio?

If you get twelve points on your driving record in a two year period your driving privileges can be suspended for up to six months. This can make it difficult, but not impossible to get insurance. It will most likely raise the cost though.

Is it possible to get temporary car insurance in Florida?

In the state of Florida, you can buy insurance from 3 months to 6 months to more if you want. They do not have weekly insurance, but as long as its a few months, you can do that.

How long will a DWI affect your insurance in NY?

In the state of New York, a DWI will affect your insurance for a period of 40 months. However, you really can't be driving when you lose your license because of a DWI anyway.

How much is one months car insurance?

They base it on you're age,vehicle,sex,and driving record go online and check different carriers. To find out

Will your American brother who has an American driving license be able to hire a car and get it insured for his 6 stay in England?

A foreign or International driving licence is usually valid for 12 months and can be used to hire a car with insurance included.

Do you have to have insurance full coverage if you are not driving a car that you are still paying on?

Yes & No. You still have to have liability coverage, which is the lowest type of car insurance, if you plan on driving another person's vehicle. Because, several years ago, I drove my friend's vehicle and the brakes went out and I rear-ended another vehicle. My friend did not have insurance on his vehicle, so my license was suspended for three months for no insurance. I advised the DMV that the vehicle wasn't mine! But, they told me that it doesn't matter! I should have had liability insurance anyways, if I was planning on driving someone Else's vehicle!

What happens if you hit someone who is driving without a license but has car insurance and tries to charge you for medical?

Your insurance should cover the person you hit. In about six months the unlicensed driver WILL get a letter in the mail from DMV saying they ARE in trouble for driving without a license. Usually, the punishment is a years suspended license and a fine.

Does a person need car insurance even if they're not allowed to drive for 6 months court ordered?

If you do get caught driving it will be even worse if you don't have insurance. You don't need it, but if you cancel your insurance, it will just go up when you try to get it back because you will be considered high risk

If your insurance will not cover your son during the 6 months he is driving with a learner's permit what happens if he is involved in a car accident while driving with an adult?

Your auto insurance will cover your son while on a lerners permit. Check with your company as some require that he be listed as a driver and you must pay premium while others do not require that he be listed until he gets his regular license. If you insurance is telling you that there is no coverage while he is on the permit then you need a different insurance company.

What happens if you drive without license?

I was driving without a licence and insurance and first time they caught me i had an accident and then another three times. They took me to court after 6 months and they give me £150 for driving without insurance four times=£600+£70 for driving without a driving licence four times £240+for ofencing the law £50 four times £200 Sow that's £1040+1 year band+9 points.

If you got a ticket 2 months ago and took traffic school are you eligible for traffic school if you just got another for going 85 in a 65 zone?

Probably not. However, insurance and driving laws are regulated, so they differ in EVERY STATE. Always name State when asking an "insurance/driving question! And SLOW down Sweetie!

In Texas when a car is impounded how much does it cost to take it out?

well I'm not positively sure but you pay a set fee I wanna say 100 dollars and than have proof of 6 months of insurance....that's how it was with a friend of mine cuz he was driving without insurance

Is Michigan auto insurance cheaper than Florida auto insurance?

NO! Michigan auto insurance is almost twice as expensive. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion and pay $792 for six months (minimum MI coverage) in Michigan. I bought a home in Orlando Florida and transferred my auto insurance to Florida and pay $408 for the same (minimum FL coverage). Clean driving record.

What can you face the first time you are convicted of a DUI?

A fine about 700 or more, suspended drivers license for 6 months and possibly a class about drinking and driving and insurance to go up. I recommend Progressive!

How much is seasonique with insurance and the generic?

It depends on your insurance. Mine went from $80 for 3 months to $90 to $140 with my newest insurance.

What features are included in Allstate car insurance?

In addition to accident forgiveness, Allstate offers a safe driving bonus check for every six months of accident-free driving. Allstate is also offering discounts on collision deductible and a new car replacement offer.

Is insurance company still liable for medical payments even you no longer carry that insurance?

The insurance should cover an accident while it was in force. If you had insurance 2 months ago and the accident happened 2 months ago, coverages should apply. If the accident happened today and the coverage stopped 2 months ago, there should not be coverage.

How many months is an auto policy for New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company?


How long do you have to wait after getting your driving permit to get your driving license in Washington state?

6 months

How long can an insurance company use a ticket against you.?

It depends on the seriousness of the ticket in question. Usually, they don't use one ticket against you. If it's part of your driving record then it will make a factor on your insurance premiums. Usually, tickets and accidents stay on record for a period of six months.

What would be a reasonable excuse for not having auto insurance for 2 months?

There is no such thing. If you can't afford gas to drive your vehicle, you can't afford to drive. Same with the insurance. If you can't afford to be responsible for injury/damage you might cause to others, you can't afford to drive. Insurance companies view uninsured driving as "risky behavior", and as such put those types of drivers into a category with other high risk drivers. That's why it will cost you a lot more money to get insurance after you've been driving without. Everything in the insurance industry is about risk and how much they should charge to take on additional risk.