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a realy domb question

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Q: Can you get out of a signed auto contract in Oklahoma if car is still at dealership?
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Dealer did not sign contract?

The car dealership did not sign my contract, is it still binding?

If a contract is lost is it still legal?

If you signed it as well as the other person, its still vaild.

You signed a contract for a new car and got it financed but never took the car out the lot nor insured the car is the contract still binded?

Depending on the state if you never actually drove the car off the lot the dealership cannot force you to complete the transaction

If you drive off the lot can you still bring it back and cancel the contract?

NO! You signed a contract, you own the car now.

How long do you have after signing a use car contract to change your mind There was no purchase yet and the car is still on their lot?

You have signed a contract. You may have cancellation options listed in the contract, but generally once you have signed a contract, you are bound by that contract. You need to review the contract to know for certain.

Is a contract that was signed in Hong Kong to operate a franchise in the US still valid if the contract was signed in HK without a notary?

The issue of the notary is not important. The issue is the type of contract, the wording and if the contract is valid under US not HK law.

What if the approval has not been done can you still back out?

If you have not signed the contract you more than likely can get out it.

Can you get your money back on a car if you never took possession?

It depends on the details, but in general, no. Once you've signed a contract, you're bound by the terms of that contract. The fact that you didn't actually take the car is beside the point... you agreed to take the car, and signed legal documents stating so.You should contact the car dealership as soon as possible. Depending on circumstances, they may be willing to let you out of your contract, even if they don't, legally speaking, have to do so.One potential exception is if the reason you haven't taken possession is the dealership's (or manufacturer's) "fault". If you were promised the car would be ready Tuesday, and you signed the contract with that understanding, and here it is Wednesday and the car still isn't ready, you should contact a lawyer to see what your options are.

Can purchaser cancel auto financing?

The only time the purchaser can cancel auto financing is in the begining of the loan during the "interview" with the finance company. That is one of the reasons the dealership will not tell you who the finance company is before they get "funded" by the bank. If you knew who the finance company was before the dealership gets funded then you can cancel the financing. The other issue you have is the contract signed with the dealership. They can still say they will be the bank and stick you with the car and the financing.

Is a contract still valid if the company you signed with changes its name?

The contract technically isn't valid if the name has changed. You should resign a contract if you would like to continue the business relationship.

A company asked me to join them a one year contract was signed and now they say that they may not use me. Can they breach the contract and not use me?

The answer depends on what's in your contract. You need to review your copy of the contract that you signed. The company may have reserved the right to not hire you. If you still have questions you should have it reviewed by an attorney who can explain your rights and options. You may not have read it carefully enough before you signed.

Can you dissolve your partnership if you have signed a contract?

I'm not sure what the contract is. If the contract is between the partners, then they can mutually agree to void the contract. No problem. If the contract is between the partners and a third party, then it still stands, and must be honored by all partners, regardless of their participation.

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