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Yes, you just have to occupy your life with different things like dating other guys. But that also depends on how long you have been broken up because you don't need a rebound relationship.

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Why does your ex stare at you when you are around other guys?

He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are.

Can you get over an Ex-Boyfriend that you speak to all the time and see sometimes if you still love them?

it depends

What if your friends with your ex an you have a bf but still not over your ex an its possible your ex might feel the same way about you?

Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to get over a relationship, and some people think that the only way to get over it is to see more people.

Why does an ex still want to see you if he is dating someone new?

he still wants to see you!

How can you tell if your ex is over you?

If your ex is over you they would have stopped contacting you or, you may have heard they are either dating or into another relationship. If your ex is still not with someone and contacts you on and off he could still miss you. If you feel he does miss you and you still care about him then see if he will meet you somewhere privately and discuss whether or not you both want to try at your relationship again.

How do you know if your ex still have feeling for you?

If your ex still has feeling for you then they will try to contact you and if they don't then either they may feel the relationship is truly over and you may have to run the risk of contacting your ex and try to meet somewhere to see if there is anyway you can salvage your relationship.

Why does it hurt so bad to see your ex?

Because you still have feelings for your ex.

Why do you dream about your ex all the time and think about him and hope you will se him but you are married and you love your husband?

As bad as that is you might still have feelings for your ex. The right thing to do is to go things over with yourself and see if you love your husband or if you still have feelings for the ex. If you really believe you still have feelings for your ex you should confront your husband about it, its only fair to him.

I see my ex every Sunday at church but I think he still like me what r the signs that he is not over u?

Some of the signs that your ex is not over you would be looking at you from the crowd, perhaps smiling. Another is asking your friends about you.

Why does a man still see his ex when he is in a new relationship?

* 'Ex' means the two people no longer have a relationship so a man should not see his ex. If he and his ex were living together or married and there are children involved then of course he would have to see his ex to see his children.

You think you still love your ex boyfriend how do you know?

If you still think of your ex-boyfriend and talk about him that means you ain't over him. If you continue to hate your ex that means you still got feeling there.

Why am i still not over your ex?

You mean over your ex? When because apparently that person had a major impact on your life to where you cant forget about him/her.

When your ex boyfriend still comes over to see you what does that mean?

It could mean that he still likes you or if you both had an agreement to be friends after your break up then that could be the reason also .

Why do you still like your ex?

You still like them but you need to wait a while to get over them.

How can you find out if ex is over you and moved on if he lives 40miles away and cant see if he has somebody else or still misses me?

you can't. unless you call her up and see how it goes...

How do you get over your ex if you both still love one another?

why would you want to get over them if you still love them. THINK

How do you know if your ex is over you he has a girlfriend but always seems to want to see you when he is in town?

he may not be over you he may still have feelings for you. but he is trying to move on with someone else but it probabley isn't working for him if he keeps on wanting to see you

Do you still love your ex boyfriend if you are nervous when you see him?

It's probably because you're not used to seeing him as a friend, or it's probably because you're still not over him hun.

Your ex dumped you but you think he still likes you and you really like him still what do you do?

talk to him and see what he still thinks about you.

What does it mean if your ex cries over you?

He/she may still have feelings for you.

If you still have feelings for you ex boyfriend and you want to get over him how do you do it?

But not always true you know. A lot of girls and boys do still think about their past about there ex.

Why won't my ex talk to me?

There could be many reasons why your ex will not talk to you. The ex may still be hurt over the break-up.

What does it mean an ex girlfriend says its over for sure but still talks about the relationship when you call her?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

What do you do when the only way to get over your ex is to not see him anymore but you have the same friends?

You don't have to see him, but you can still have a relationship with your friends. Tell your friends to respect your wishes not to see your ex while you are in their company. You will expect them not to invite him/her to functions that you have been invited. If your friends cannot abide by your request, then drop them as friends.

Should yu tell your ex your still have feelings for them even if your in another relationship?

If you have feelings for your ex, but are in a relationship, i suggest you break up with your current girlfriend/boyfriend, and see if your ex still has feelings....